One-Pot Swedish Meatball Pasta

One-Pot Swedish Meatball Pasta
Here is what you’ll need! Serves 4 Ingredients: 1 pound ground beef ½ cup seasoned breadcrumbs ½ finely minced onion 1 egg ½ tablespoon salt (for …

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  1. Klara Tenow says

    Me, a swedish person, will say that this is not a swedish dish. Oh no. You want boiled or mashed potatoes, “brunsås”, and lingonberryjam with meatballs. Not parmesan and spaghetti, thats Italian.

  2. Isaac Spencer says

    that’s a lot of pepper you put in the meatballs

  3. Pipita Manana says

    Fucking dumbass americans. Wtf is 4 cups of noddles? Make it in grams like the rest of the fucking world does

  4. Mark Morkayne says

    Looks great, but wouldn't call these swedish meatballs.

  5. Just Sol says

    Pewdiepie would be proud

  6. call me gta player dahreeso says

    Pewdiepie meatball is better than this

  7. Lillian says

    I used a 50/50 blend of pork and beef. The sauce will be inedible if you follow the directions: it's watery and far too salty. And yes, I used kosher salt and low sodium stock. And no, I didn't use too much parmesan or Worcestershire. Still, it's worth making again. Next time, I'll use less stock, a corn starch slurry, and add salt to taste.

  8. Thalia Williams says

    Wow!! I’m making this dish for sure. Easy and looks awesome. Thanks Tasty!!

  9. Charles Foronda says

    Pewdiepie:hold my headphone and get the appron

  10. Gürkan BÜYÜKKAYA says


  11. Pearl the rebel says

    My mom just made this. Really good

  12. Reg. Pson says

    Always come back to this

  13. LordApollyon says


  14. Forest Legend says

    Dunno maybe i am too bad, but worcestershire sauce made from vinegar, that's why when i add this to boiled milk+broth milk acidity so hard. Prefer add broth, then sauce, bring liquid to boil and after this add milk and boil it too. I use classic lea&perrins worcestershire sauce and cow milk. Better try this combination milk+sauce in cup, before making a big bowl.

  15. Igor G says

    To much salt and Peppers, it is uneatable

  16. Samuel Trencher says

    Hell to the naw.

  17. RasseBasse39 says

    I don't know what that was but it was not swedish meatballs

  18. melvin Edwards says

    I have memorized this recipe.
    My sex life has improved😀

  19. Physiology Shark says

    P E W D I E P I E ! ! ! 😆 😆

  20. ChloeAmberNewbs says

    Mine curdled very disappointing

  21. Samuel Lundgren says

    You serve swedish meatballs with potatoes, lingonberrie jam and sauce. This is like italian food

  22. Victoria Salinas says

    Made this tonight, but I made the pasta with my pasta maker. It was totally worth it making it with fresh noodles. (No hate on store bought noodles, love them to death! Just wanted to test out my cookin skills!)

    Totally an amazing dish! Can’t wait to make it again!

  23. candiluv287 says

    This was so good! I used frozen meatballs instead if homemade and added about 2 tbsp of ranch seasoning mix for added flavor (also a lil more salt and pepper than suggested)

  24. melvin Edwards says

    Cant tell you how many times I've made this guy's.
    It's fuckin heroin!

  25. Alyssa says

    Can I use without the broth

  26. Olle Lindén says

    Jag är från Sverige

  27. TrUwi1l says

    Damn so many vad comments😤

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