Only Crossfitters Understand

Only Crossfitters Understand
It feels good to be a badass. Post on Facebook: Post on Twitter: Shot on location at Pink Iron in West Hollywood with …

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  1. agbutera says

    haha for my thirteenth birthday my coach made me do 13 burpee tosses to a partner after an intense w.o.d.

  2. Robin Singh Chauhan says

    Still CrossFit equals to zero gains😂😂😂

  3. Leo DaSilva says

    Z E RO

  4. Germany and bayern says

    You forget something no gains

  5. Muss los says

    Where is Jordan?

  6. Alesia Flueras says

    Hello, my name is Alesia, im 13, and I'm addicted to crossfit 😂

  7. Dlugi says

    Crossfitters are crazy. Doing unefficient, ilogical activity, with no benefit, which couldnt have been gotten somehow easier…

  8. TobixToxic says

    Dude pullups are supposed to be stable that chick is destroying her rotary cuffs along with who knows what else, honestly CrossFit was probably created to benefit physical therapists and surgeons.

  9. Katta Schröder says

    This Erg Technique was really bad

  10. gamer moment says

    Only crossfitters get the most effective way to get to snap city

  11. Mint says

    I spit out my coffee laughing when they said being a total badass.

  12. Paul Kumlin says

    How come you hardly see crossfitters with gains?

  13. Bella Peralta says

    Everyone in the comments is shitting on us cross fitters.. We're the best and all of those obese people who have gone to the gym 3 times and now think they're an expert know it too.

  14. philliphamilton2 says

    6AM? That is a sleep-in, including on a weekend!
    Crossfitters understand hospital ER waiting times.

    Never do complex compound lifts "for time". That's just stupid.

  15. Firegames says

    But…Do they even lift?

  16. melissa says

    Can everybody in the comments stop making the crossfitters feel bad? Don't criticise a sport you have never tried.

  17. icampbellsoup says

    I heard crossfitters did pull ups, couldn't find any in this video tho.

  18. danny hirsh says

    Im a crossfiter, listen, this is chest to bar and they dont tryna do a pull up, come to a crossfit gym and see that they can do a pull up but in videos they do chest to bar.

  19. Charles Gamble says

    Crossfit = no gains

  20. Sarah Darnell says

    We do CrossFit in Jr. high and High school, does anyone else?

  21. Everything From Nothing says

    what happened to good family values like body building, calisthenics,free weights,power lifting? also… if buzz feed does it, you probably shouldnt do it lol

  22. mk steel says

    Badass? She looked like she was having fits while doing the pullups.

  23. Tato says

    Things crossfitters understand:

    1. How to have bad form
    2. How to have bad form
    3. How to have bad form

  24. collarmole says

    You people in this comment section are outrageously conceited!

  25. Noach says

    Most of these hate comments made little sense 4 years ago, crossfit has changed.

  26. Ava Mione says

    Omg I am A Crossfitter and Omg so relatable

  27. Emma Vance says

    Ah yes the classic stampede of crossfit haters that seek out any crossfit video just to put their two-sense in

  28. PackofTrolls says

    Things only crossfitters understand:

    1. having more money than common sense

    2. what rhabdomyolysis feels like

    3. 100 workouts for 0 gains

  29. Awesome karate Kid says

    Yup this is so true

  30. Radinela Damakova says


  31. Feng says

    crossfit seems like a cult

  32. Noah Fail says

    One thing they should understand but don’t is that CrossFit isn’t a sport

  33. HC WAY TO BE says

    Only crossfitters understand injuries and rep counterfeiting.

  34. Drawing Disciple says

    Doing fairy pull-ups make me feel like a BA too

  35. Drawing Disciple says

    Injuries LOL

  36. himnish chopra says

    Those pull ups did not make you look like a harass they made you look like a effing fish

  37. Kakashi says

    Good God, the form 🤣

  38. Kaiser Grey says

    Just realized I'm actually a cross fitter

  39. agentblank122 says

    Wow those pull ups are absolutely absurd. How that became a thing, I can't understand

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