Oppo Find 5 Review!

Oppo Find 5 Review!
The Oppo Find 5! It’s the Storm Trooper of 1080p smartphones in 2013. Gotta love it! Find 5 First Impressions: http://youtu.be/1E6PDgIwFg4 Pricing, availability …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Vidcon Funn says

    2500mah Could last a day then.. Now 4500mah Not Enough..

  2. gilang putra says

    2018. All phones boxes is all the same.

  3. Saleem Lala says

    I want Oppo find 5 touch screen

  4. Sahil Baviskar says

    Why has oppo lost this design touch?

  5. Zonney Boi says

    Back then when 2500MAh was huge 😂

  6. Ropfiio Pfuze says

    2013: Find 5
    2018: Find X

  7. Yanj says

    watching now in 2018

  8. Sanil Shah says

    You can tell how Oppo gave this same design to the Op1 !

  9. P0W3RN1X says

    Came here from oppo find x… long way marques…

  10. Lukeasdf123 says

    Here from the find x video

  11. Corner Round says

    When you realise Oneplus 1 was a clone.

  12. SuperTanner says

    When a 2500 milliamp battery was awesome.

  13. MEK'N'ISM BEATZ says

    Holy balls those bezels 😂 got a one plus 6, we have come far.

  14. E G says

    2018 anyone?

  15. CyberDasherXD says

    Oppo find x

  16. Gabriel Dalposso says

    I'm here from the Oppo Find X… Oh how the times have changed

  17. -Mason - says

    And now they have made the first bezeless phone with a motorized camera module, interesting

  18. Sagar Pande says

    Here after mkbhd’s oppo find x video!

  19. Arkosh says

    Anyone else here from the oppo find x review?

  20. SAAR3KT says

    your voice :'''''D

  21. SAAR3KT says

    came from find x video

  22. SAAR3KT says


  23. Harrison Fornasier says

    Wow I forgot how much people use to say boss

  24. Kayrin T says

    Awwwwwwyyyiiissssssssss.. 2018 bebeh..!!

  25. TheMooskyFox says

    If you place the Oneplus One next to it, the OPO (not Oppo) is a direct copy

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