OPTICAL ILLUSIONS that will TRICK your brain

OPTICAL ILLUSIONS that will TRICK your brain
OPTICAL ILLUSIONS that will TRICK your brain SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to …

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  1. AWretchLikeThee says

    Since you're pretty I gave it a chance but no…

  2. daniel Care says

    I see jordy kwebekop

  3. Galaxy Cat says

    theres kwebbelkop in the bed

  4. Leopard Bra Brado says

    Who see azzy’s boyfriend in the back? Leave a like🧸

  5. KittenLoveAbby .K says

    Hi Kwelblop

  6. Nostrodumbass 8 says

    Doesn't take much does it? 😂😈✌

  7. chloe joseph says

    For the Sidney Oprah house. The further more you back up the bigger the Sidney Oprah house is. When in real life that's not what happen.

  8. Isatu Koroma says

    Enough with commenting about Jordi.

  9. The Crow says

    Ur Beautiful Azzy 🌷

  10. Michael Johnson says


  11. Josie Love you says

    No body.

    No sigle soul .

    Comments.is you see Jordi in the background of then leave a like

    Me.😑please stop

  12. Daphaney Kaminski says

    Lol jordi

  13. Kam Z. says

    0:56 is not real

    It's Minecraft with full RTX on

  14. ANTTI TUBE says

    Hi jordi in the backround

  15. Angela Ikävalko says

    04:54 who saw Jordi in the backround?

  16. Tatyana Ellis says

    The optical illusion was the opera house got closer as you baked away

  17. Nathan says

    This is more on the annoying side than interesting.

  18. Audrey Arola says


  19. 450x says

    Cancer content from YouTube a cancer algorithm

  20. Lupe Ryals says

    You should have a thumbnail of Jordi legs with your usual face with your mouth open. Just because everyone can't stop commenting on him. You might get more view.

  21. kommonjoe says

    Does he ever say anything about you doing video with no clothes on from waist down

  22. AlAround Oaklynn says

    The optical illusion for the apartment one is that the same as getting bigger

  23. Rachel Billings says

    Jordi just being casual in the back 😎

  24. LAURA JONES says

    Azzy, why are you on the floor?

  25. Rock girl says

    Who saw jorid at the background i saw him everyone did

  26. Kyle Tracey says

    Her brain hurts? What brain?

  27. DaMemeyBaby says

    Azzy did you know earthquake?

  28. Symphony Edmonds says

    Hey let me tell you a joke azzy
    Here's the joke
    "What did the pencil say to the pen when it ran out of ink " "don't run away "😅😆😂

  29. pria melody Pria says

    88% people saying Who saw jordi in the background??
    7% people saying anyone 2019?
    3% like this if you love____
    Bruh.. and ONE EXTRA PERCENT is me saying, " where is waldo? Anybody find him?"

  30. Hunter Barbee says

    3:53 the pencils were cut to fit in to each other like the old toy Lincoln logs

  31. BlueKat Artz says

    Hi jordi 👋

  32. Symphony Edmonds says

    It must be so sad that jordie doesn't get to be in your video azzy let him in

  33. Laii Ridgewell says

    Roses are red ❤️
    Violets are blue 🧡
    If you love Azzy 💛
    Make the like button 💚
    Blue!!! 💙

  34. NoahandnessaGaming says

    0:16 epilepsy warning

  35. bic boi says

    You dont need an optical illusion tp trick azzy lands brain, just some simple maths will do it, probably just ask her what day it is and you'll smell burning brain cells.

  36. LJ Shook says

    Leave a like for jordy

  37. Christian Stevens says

    Azzy….. why are you so pretty…

  38. birb says

    1:27 the optical illusion was that the white thing stays the same size the farther you move away

  39. Alysha Delatorre says

    Azzy: Doing her thing
    Jordi: Chilling in the backround

  40. Ashleigh Opal says

    I see Jordi in the background

  41. Shayan Playz says

    Anyone else see Jordi in the background?

  42. TJ Kern says

    3:00 mark
    Is that a light switch or maybe a plug??
    Are you sure you're not a blond…jury still out on that one.

  43. Alyssa Jones says

    You know Azzy it takes SKILL to fall over flat surfaces 👌

  44. Errør_{meh} says

    Jordi left at the part with the normal painting of ze man D;

  45. Charles Moore says

    That "water whisperer" was laminar flow in action.

  46. Victoria Navin says

    Your boyfriend is in the back ground

  47. Ashley Delgado says

    I see jordi in the back lamo

  48. No on brain child all are on brain child

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