OTHER PEOPLE VS ME || Funny Relatable Situations and Fails by 123 GO!

OTHER PEOPLE VS ME || Funny Relatable Situations and Fails by 123 GO!
You know that acting normal can often look like anything but. Yep, we’re talking about the daily struggle of being normal versus being you. Could relate to these …

Source 123 GO!
  1. Blen Andebet says

    Who loves Olivia she's so funny

  2. Cherry Sagnep says


  3. Rohan Chougule says

    This was very very boring ! No interest.

  4. Arati Dutta says

    It's very nice video and i love olivia the most she's so beautiful

  5. Fathimath Zaeema says

    I think the normal people in the video are extraordinary people
    And Me is everyone
    Isn't it?

  6. Ros Nicol says

    The last one about sleep is ma

  7. Fathimath Zaeema says

    Maybe I'm NOT NORMAL 🤷🏼‍♀️

  8. Kyla Nicole Rodriguez says

    The sleeping one I always wake up

  9. Yara Ehap says

    When iam whtching a movie i whatch it at 3am

  10. ryan rebwar says


  11. Roni Dc says

    Normal people: *watching some show (maybe Riverdale?) at 12pm* Man! 12pm! That's SO LATE! I'm gonna go sleep now
    Me: *watching some horror movies (preferably IT) at 12pm* WHAT!? 12pm!?!? That's so… EARLY!!! I got so much more time to watch Harry Potter after this…

  12. PETI ASMR says

    2:31 it's me 😂😂😹🤘

  13. fermin angeles says

    Me: 12:00 pm sleeps
    Other people: 10:30

  14. Corkie Smith says

    Lol there is no such thing as a normal person


  16. Roni Dc says

    Omg the sleeping one is so true😭😂

  17. sabitra thapa says

    Normal – enjoying video
    Me – reading comment

  18. Fatima Al Ghatam says

    I can relate

  19. Hiya Kaur says

    It's only the first Episode

  20. Hiya Kaur says

    Omg that's my favorite series on Netflix
    I wait eagerly to watch it
    I love it 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘

  21. Fatema Akter shampa says

    5:51 was the good time

  22. BTS JUNGKOOK says


  23. Carlisiah Gamrplay says

    Who is a big fan of 123 go like if you are a big fan

  24. BaNaNa MaN says

    4:04 firstly this is so me and second, I have the same cover (the pink one) lmao

  25. Kyla `Jones says

    Why does she have makeup on when she going to sleep

  26. abdul basith says

    5:57 I watch the same thing

  27. min yoongi says

    Thats me doing my homework 😅

  28. Jane Mrs.Cloud says

    Narrator: “from the moment you sit in that chair”
    Olivia: doesnt sit in chair

  29. Jah Niu says

    That's exactly how I study!🤣

  30. heechulerin says

    Olivia so pretty

  31. Kiran Talan says

    Upload more videos please Emily please😫🙏🙏💓

  32. GodEmperor Diaramos says

    #EARLYSQUAD like if u love there videos and relate to them

  33. Sarah Khalil says


  34. laxmi kc says

    I am me not normal😂😂😂

  35. Mamta Singh says

    11 comment

  36. taylor johnson says

    Thumb nail is SOOOOO true!

  37. Rose Flores says

    3:50 What you said was just like ME

  38. 9:22 who saw the tag ???:)

  39. Tanvir Manyar says

    Nowadays YouTube knows a lot about me 😂

  40. lucy dragfilia says

    Who miss Hellie

  41. Heena Sharma says

    Hey! Olivia your curls are marvelous✌✌
    Who agrees……😋😋😋
    So please like👍👍👍….

  42. Mangga 9088 says

    Everything relatable.. haha

  43. Ramesh Shastrakar says

    Oh there is no vicky today



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