Azzyland moves in with Kwebbelkop! Hello Citizens of Azzyland, watch as I take you along an exciting house tour in which I get lost at every turn. Directionally …

Source AzzyLand
  1. Amber Hull says

    Hey I just have a question How old or u?

  2. Raelin May says

    I used have a dog named zoro

  3. Juliana's ppgs says

    I think he is lazy

  4. Arpit Shukla says

    Rich girl alert

  5. Danny says

    7:28 my closet too

  6. jhay hallow says

    Azzy don't know how to start the vid 😁😂

  7. Bertney Pillay says

    are you rich

  8. Ryan ok says

    That's his moms house

  9. LunaPlayz 9513 says

    Who’s trying to find azzy lands first video

  10. Yumi Lim says

    2019 anyone?

  11. Dalila Williams says

    I love it so much

  12. londonbrixton says

    Nice home 🏡

  13. Lilly Sparkles says

    "II'm not looking at your" add

  14. Hayley Kells says

    Hey Azzy! I just wanted to say somethings:
    1: Your absolutely beautiful!
    2: I love your house
    3: I like pretty much every vid
    4: I subscribed

  15. Masha and bear says

    ❤️💛💚 love birds💙💜🖤

  16. Mk Today says


  17. yeet nomi says

    I am from Spain it's so nice but now I live in the us

  18. Estalii says

    whats with the camera…

  19. eminea’s world says

    Lol this was on my bday 3 years ago ..

  20. Ella Oketch says

    I feel brooke

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