Pancake Cups

Pancake Cups
Here is what you will need! Yields: 12 pancake cups 1/2 cup flour 1/2 cup milk 3 eggs 2 Tbsp. butter, melted 1/2 tsp vanilla Blend all ingredients in a blender until …

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  1. Brandalyn Clayton says

    Anyone here from Empty Faces?

  2. SquishyMissyMinecraft says

    These are Yorkshire puddings! Buzzfeed, you have let me down.

  3. Elizabeth says

    It’s called a Yorkshire pudding tasty

  4. Uvia Fin says


  5. Kenny Kaywood says

    Call them crêpe cups

  6. J.A.K.E AWESOME says

    I love Tasty

  7. Amelia Pitts says

    This is just a fucking Yorkshire pudding, they use the same batter as pancakes

  8. awesome asssdsdlsfdgddf says


  9. Rammy the logophile says

    This…is just a yorkshire pudding?

  10. Catherine Movies says

    What flour is it

  11. archana singh says

    U make nice recipe 😃😃😃

  12. La Than says

    pizza and hambuger

  13. whatsupjake says

    mother f**** Yorkshire puddings b** America trying to steal everything as usual

  14. Ace Love says

    so pour pancake mix into cupcake pan.

  15. Selena Bazdor says

    If i see "Yorkshire pudding" in the comments one more time i swear

  16. Bob Rat says

    I was watching horror movie and take a break to watch this video… 0-0

  17. CT Hubbard says

    Aw mini Dutch babies

  18. Mewmew333 says

    The maple syrup dripping out of the bottom ruined it for me.

  19. Aleksandra Knezevic says

    dios mio

  20. Luke Berarie says

    it is a sweet Yorkshire Pudding but a great one.

  21. Reuben Taylor says

    The music going back and forth between both my ears was tripping me out in the beginning…
    Thought I was going deaf. ctfu! 😂

  22. Dina Getachew says

    why is the music so dramatic??

  23. GroovyDoughnut says

    So s Yorkshire pudding? 😂

  24. Tiarah Keye says

    so pretty much pancake mix in muffin tins… ok cool

  25. Isabella Brown says

    I made these and they are SO good! Didn't make as many as the recipe said though.

  26. olivia munro says

    It's a Yorkshire pudding

  27. Dani Ashton says

    its just the same as the English Yorkshire pudding we have with our roast dinners.

  28. Qblivion EU says

    This is like a yorkshire pudding lol

  29. Rose Reynolds says

    They ARE NOT "pancake cups" there PopOvers.

  30. CharlieBlue says

    Nothing but comments about Yorkshire Pudding.

  31. Madeline Tremayne says

    I made it with half and half instead of milk bc we don't have any. #thatmoment #whatamigoingtodo

  32. Kimberley says

    Yeah, so this is just a Yorkshire Pudding then

  33. Whoa it's actually Gabs says


  34. Georgie tranter says

    it's not a pancake cup it's a Yorkshire pudding

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