Pancake Quesadillas Will Be Your Favorite New Breakfast • Tasty

Pancake Quesadillas Will Be Your Favorite New Breakfast • Tasty
A fun twist on a Mexican food favorite! Gooey melted cheese and other savory breakfast staples stuffed between two tortilla-thin pancakes? It’s the morning meal …

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  1. Leeside Jess says

    So… in Germany we call those gefüllte Pfannkuchen, and I grew up on them. Minus the syrup of course 🤣

  2. harld kardika says

    Ahh… Nothing's like heart attack in the morning

  3. ili nabihah mohamad nasir says

    Murtabak has left the chat

  4. Doug A says

    Hey! No!

  5. Rochelle Lee says

    Bold of you to assume everyone likes the same thing.

  6. Arctic foox says

    I am not a fan of mexican food, i may try to make this though

  7. Steve's Shed says

    Yuck !
    No Thanks !

  8. emma says

    never known a country to ruin food like the usa does

  9. hondobondo says

    wheres the mexican music

  10. Tevin Heath says

    Why cant I just use pancake mix?

  11. v t says

    Damn you tasty! I wish I could quit you. 😢

  12. BubbyBoy says

    This will sell like hotcakes.


  13. MysticLizzie says

    Butter: sWoOsH

  14. The Owl says

    New years resolution exists
    Tasty: I am about to end this mans whole career

  15. Karl Victorino says

    Missed opportunity to call it pancakadillas

  16. Bradley Maguire says

    Why is there so much salt and what is the point in the baking powder. America can't make pancakes is all I learn from this

  17. Xaius says

    Little girl take wimpy bite of panned cake.

  18. Twili Vaati says

    everything was fine until you decided to dip it in maple syrup. like wtf is wrong with you??

  19. 냠냠보이 YumYumBoy says

    So pretty and video. So delicious food

  20. Chaco's Antics says

    Fried apples raisins

  21. Steven D says

    Old person moment In my day those little pancakes where called ‘silver dollar pancakes’

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