Paper Anniversary Hacks // Presented By BuzzFeed and Paper & Packaging

Paper Anniversary Hacks // Presented By BuzzFeed and Paper & Packaging
Nothing says love like a personalized piñata… Paper and packaging make moments in our lives memorable, help channel our creativity, and let us learn and …

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  1. Fiona Elizabeth says

    Also, happy birthday for this video!

  2. wolfie 1999 says

    You know you can also make a bouquet of paper roses

  3. Zac Denver Lee says

    Wait! how did that piñata became so big?

  4. bitch pudding says

    i puked in my mouth a bit….

  5. Gracie M says

    Scavenger hunt is making me think of Gone Girl

  6. Malvavisco says

    I don't want paper, gimme diamonds

  7. Hannah Leanne says

    Imagine the cleaning process

  8. KabobBlez GT says

    BuzzFeed why u waste so much paper and trees just to make a stupid little video?

  9. briieme says

    So cuuute

  10. GG says

    I'd want a life-size poster of Jungkook.

  11. Lydia Xavier says

    This is perfect for me because I'm getting married in 40 days.

  12. Katina Kat says

    Love the piñata

  13. Black Jesus says

    @Sanah the trees are already dead. You might as well use the paper or it'll go to waste….

  14. Jesus says

    Why would you link the "when my parents got divorced" video. Buzzfeed? More like Buzzkill.

  15. R0995 says

    i think a lot off boys would freak out if they got this for a present

  16. TheMarijaPizdarija says

    I would marry a guy who would clean after a paper pinata. Way too much mess, just saying.

  17. ehreka says

    Tip. Order a larger pizza and enjoy alone xc

  18. Te'a Myers says

    An apple strawberry 😂😂

  19. Ashley Strauss says

    I got my husband tickets to his favorite band!

  20. Sarah Aziz says

    or you could just watch a Korean drama about highschool love lol

  21. Emma S says

    If you want to watch a heart wrenching video check out "letters to dad."

  22. stealthpanther says

    my fiance has done the scavenger hunt one for me once. randomly too

  23. tangy tablets says

    so paper perfect~

  24. Emily Laura says

    step 1: find boyfriend.

  25. steelsheen says

    hot dayum this is it! whoo! thanks Buzzfeed <3

  26. Sandy Shen says

    Anyone think Gone Girl with the clues?

  27. try again says

    This is soo sweet

  28. AgentKFox says

    I don't advocate bringing the demon spawn that is glitter into the house let alone sprayed all over the place and on your person.

  29. YuiChan999 says

    If you stick something in my favourite book I will kill you

  30. Coconut Leaf Spine says

    Many trees die in the making of this video. Look at me I'm having a point.

  31. Sierra Bee says

    Hmm… Seems like a sims advertisement

  32. Jose G says

    1:42 he is going to get laid. "Meet me upstairs"

  33. ThatGymnastAn says

    Coincidence; it's my birthday today

  34. Shelby Chanel says

    I want to get proposed to with a confetti filled piñata

  35. Nikki Harris says

    Pinatas are never a bad idea. You can beat out all that repressed anger.

  36. Mind.of.Lilly says

    I would kill everyone who dares to write or glue something into my favorite book!

  37. Pyrokitten:3 says

    There's names for anniversaries? My first anniversary he gave a a diamond heart necklace and got him something he needed/wanted a craftsman tool chest, lots of tools, and the wheelie thingy that he could work on cars with.. It transformed into a chair… He loves working on cars.

  38. Planning Like A Pro says

    Mine and my boyfriend's 1 year anniversary is tomorrow, thanks buzzfeed!

  39. Hillary Tran says

    he regifted her her favourite book… with an added message label… right

  40. Jeanette says

    This was great! Cool ideas.

  41. Scarlet Smile says

    im actually a fan of the scavenger hunt

  42. Scarlet Smile says

    that piñata idea would be a great proposal idea.

  43. Sophia Hayes says

    Awwww this was super cute! 🙂

  44. beckyg45 says

    the last one was adorable

  45. Sj Wonder says

    for my paper anniversary, I will definitely not waste papers.

  46. Kity Kat Kimi says

    These ideas are so creative! 🙂

  47. Ari Abdul says

    Meet me upstairs lol

  48. Lili Nguyen says

    when the lady in this video looks like a younger version of your civics teacher

  49. ssolaris says

    I love the way this was presented!

  50. Shripa Pradhan says

    if only scrapbooking was that easier…

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