Parents EMBARRASSING THEIR KIDS on social media

Parents EMBARRASSING THEIR KIDS on social media
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  1. Emily Castillo says

    I had 86 tabs I just realized that

  2. ZeRp says

    6:58 that must have been a Nokia lmaoooooo😂

  3. Magical ghostfox says

    Is that neckless a shock coller

  4. david hickman says

    You make me happy all the time azzy 😉

  5. Koni Gamer says

    I dropped my phone about 50 times it works still

  6. Ysmael Guiao says

    Azzy i have an ad on my lockscreen too

  7. Rosa 147 says

    My dad has over 200, it litterly says 99+…but it was on his old phone. I was like What?

  8. Ella Carpenter says

    I get ads on my lockscreen 😂

  9. Valkyrie says

    My grandma keeps complaining why is her phone so slow 103 tabs were opened…

    Oh ye my grandmas phone color is black and my phone was GLITTER YELLOW and when i was play in my phone my grandma walks in and SNATCHES mt phone form my hand and said ' stop using my phone! ' when she clucks the out button she looks at chat and noticed it wasnt her phone… happend all the time

  10. Fun With ash says

    So in my class room we have a phone on the wall with a cord and when my teachers on it he starts walking then realises he’s out of cord and almost springs back

  11. A Learning Artist ÒwÓ says

    my dog died today so I decided to watch this video to make my day better with a picture of me and my dog and my dogs favorite toy… but thank you assy for making my day

  12. kate slime says

    8:51 dots

  13. Animelover 1106 says

    I used to say please and thank you to youtube

  14. Madeleine Gush says

    I'm allergic to cats and I have FOUR 12:10 / 13:03

  15. Kittycorn says

    That was one of my super old phone with an ad

  16. Jana Amr says

    7:20 Probably cause your case broke when you dropped it from that high and the case was protecting it

  17. ulicorn_ 2008 says

    All the dislikes are grandmas and grandpas who accidentally missed the like button. 🤣🤣🤣

  18. Teddy Gang says


  19. Leighmac 12345 says

    Grammas are so cute

  20. Nora Rhodes says

    I grew up in the techology era cuz I was born in the mid 2000s

    edit: and my phone is literally indestrucable I've dropped it without a case many many many times and it only has two tiny annoying scratchs on it but I can't say the same for the paint or whatever on my case it's been thrown literally thrown from 2 feet of the ground onto concrete with the phone in it and my phone's conpletely fine and my phone's is literally a $25 phone no joke

  21. Nicholas Peter says

    Funny ha ha😂😂😇

  22. {-Howling Heart-} says

    How to train you dragon 2:*BewilderBeast swallows Hiccup and Toothless in ice*
    Me:*Watches this*

  23. Diego Salgado says

    9:25 I had a similar issue I installed an app and then I started getting pop up ads non stop even when I turn on my phone like it covers the whole screen,I deleted the app afterwards

  24. Eloise Asmr and gaming !! says

    The thumbnail thoo

  25. UnfixingGem 5017 says


  26. ItssMidnightStar Wolf says

    Dang I got 125 tabs open including this one. And most of them are YouTube. I actually went and counted all my tabs.

    Azzy:She had 38 tabs open! 38!
    Me: * has 125 tabs open exactly*

  27. ItssMidnightStar Wolf says

    Respect for the grandma who wrote down all those websites writing is hard work.

  28. Ciara Mackle says

    Who else laughed when she called tipp-ex white out

  29. Dizzy_Gacha says

    Mother like daughter- 2019

  30. •Just_ Brooklynn• says

    32 tabs huh? well I was at the Verizon and someone had more then like 3,00 tabs😂

  31. Appsnake LM says

    Ummm why do you have such a misleading title?

  32. kiio kiri says


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