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  1. John Fermin says

    5:46 ohhh I’m scared

  2. Snow Foxy says

    We love you azzyland!

  3. Brielle Martinez says

    I would take it then tell

  4. Suzuki Chibi chi says

    My friend was sooo overprotective for her birthday she only gave me clues to guess it I guessed it , it was January and I wanted the number like the number day , and she told me not to ask my teacher or else , she wouldn't be my friend anymore ;-;

  5. Libertykapri Massey says

    Hi I'm Jasmine I sneak boys in at 3am and disrespect my parents and grandparents 😅 Omg Jasmine has no chill!!

  6. Malak Mahmoud says

    Azzy I love you soooooo much you are the best 💕💕💕💕💕🦄

  7. Skela Dragneel says

    Azzy is 28-29

    My in 2019

  8. Victoria Didriksen says

    13:28 look at her ear xD

  9. Tommy Bowman says

    Azzy you are adorable, and cute and if you didn't have a boyfriend, I will snatch you up

  10. clash royale king says

    i jave a good comeback at 0:40 and number of days you didnt cheat on dad too

  11. Unicorngaming 87 says

    ID is 1D as in one direction got a little triggered but love you anyway ❤️❤️❤️

  12. lance rose says

    Duck the one with the mom and Kelly oooooooof I'm so died when I get home from collge

  13. Amberpamber says

    Weirdest part about this video is that girls wearing my prom dress

  14. Sakura The royale student says

    WHAATTT UR 26?!
    i thought u were a teenager ._.

  15. Abbi Ward says

    12:57 Ctrl+c Ctrl+v

  16. The Nutorious says

    Hey Aizik land I love your videos

  17. butch4921 says

    OMG I get the adult joke with the blue Oml

  18. Jess Davies says

    I knew you were 26 I heard I in the last video I watched

  19. One Piece says

    OOF! those are what I call an oofer doofer

  20. Jasmine Stevens Felicia says

    umm hello my name is jasmine!

  21. Katsuki Bakugo says

    11:38 gna try and photo shop dis and get him out lol

  22. Unicorn Gacha says

    This is Jackie

    👖 how much likes I get is how much money she gets

  23. Zoey ! says

    Azzy you rock those shorts my mom is 31 and rocks shirt shorts

  24. Andrei Pascalov says

    What does the joke mean? I'm 11 lol

  25. Salma Begum says
  26. XxIron_ says

    my birthday is 2 days later my moms birthday wow

  27. Epic Gay-mer says

    im 10 and a boy

  28. Epic Gay-mer says

    I need a fortnite date

  29. fat DRAGON says

    No joke my name is Bryce 😂🤣😂😅💀

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