PARENTS that are SO STRICT its funny

PARENTS that are SO STRICT its funny
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  1. Sylthin Mudblood says

    One time my sister opened my mail and I told her buy me coffee and I won't call the cops on her.

  2. Blanca Ramos says

    Fortnite ❤️

  3. Makenzie Shout Outs says


  4. Overlord Cringe says

    Join my clan if- just do it

  5. Lisa Geldenhuys says


  6. divine dilla says

    Me: mom, can you please help with th-
    Mom: hey my friend is calling!
    Mom:wanna call!
    Me: No.
    Mom: just CALL

  7. Rixelle Zamora says

    Mom: Oh honey of course I respect your privacy.
    30 sec later

  8. Cookie says

    Me :Mom Do you need help?
    Mom: no
    5 min later

  9. gyalaxy says

    Mom: Gal!
    me: What?
    Mom: GAL?
    Me: what!
    Me: Okay! comes down
    Mom: Nevermind.

  10. Christina Prasad says

    Me and my mom would open it together

    Plus I don't get a lot of males

  11. Sisters World says


    Me: I'm hungry
    Mum(or mom how ever you do it): well to bad go to bed you should have said that earlier
    Me: I just finished eating
    Mum: to bad
    Me: 😐
    Mum: bed brush your teeth
    Me: 🙁
    Mum: what are you doing
    Mum: bed
    Me: fine!


    Me: I'm hungry
    Mum: eat an apple
    Me:(in head) thank you thank you thank you

  12. Rainbow Sparq says

    Azzy: "you should never stay mad at your mom"

    What if they abused you and isolated you from the rest of your family????

  13. Trystan Willard says

    Loved it

  14. kewlkid grill says

    It's not my birthday
    My cat is not dying
    So can I get a like?
    For simply not lying?

  15. Edna Tiznado says

    Me: where’s the milk?

    Mom: and if I find it what do I do to you

    me: a chocolate milkshake pls

  16. Haya Kawaf says

    Nah but on snap u can block people from ur story

  17. Mystic_SpringYT says

    On the mail one Its the oppisite…
    I open the mail before mah dad does

  18. Katherine Davis says

    It's against the law here to open someone else's mail!

  19. Vicky the Bomb 2 says

    Also,99% of this video is relatable!Who else!?

  20. Vicky the Bomb 2 says

    At 0:47,I was like “I am a master!!!UwU”Also,it’s really late……Or should I say early?

  21. Haley says

    Uhh… I don’t know Ben go to bed at 9:13 pm….

    I gO tO bEd At 9:30 Pm!!!

  22. callie butler says

    hi azzy you should do life hacks with jordy

  23. Savxgeboi 33 says

    I sleep in any position

  24. XXgamergirlXX xx says

    Azzy:mom knows everything

    Me:she knows I peed my pants in third grade… oh wait my teacher told her…no wonder she knows

    Ps:I didnt actually

    4:40 would get smacked if a said that to my dad and I would be grounded for a month

  25. Marcia Bizure says

    0:25 that’s me every night when I’m not suppose to use my phone

  26. Parishi Bhanu says

    Going to a relatives place
    me: r u going to give the child money?
    Mom : ya, Why
    Me: if she be like i don't want the $20 make it a $10 cuz we all know she want the money
    Mom: i'm worried for your future child

  27. E Dufty says

    I hate mommy so much

  28. PurE FranciskA says

    4:30 My mom IS a drug addict so i take THIS as offence

  29. Luna Eclipse says

    Me: Middle of the night on phone past 12 am

    Mom next morning: Why are you so tired are you sick?

    Me: I thought moms knew everything

  30. Havva Arzu Akbuz says

    I saw my uncle in a supermarket.
    Mom: Oh look this is you're oldest uncle.
    Me: Hi?
    Uncle: How old are you now how is life going?
    Me thinks: The last time I've seen him was when I was 1,5 years old.
    My brother probably thinks: Who is this man I've never seen him before.
    After we're out of the supermarket
    Mom why did you do dis to me!?!?
    Like if this happens once to you too

  31. DJ Lemon K says

    i love fortnite<3

  32. Cordy kitty cat says

    Omg look at the person who made the thing! 7:51

  33. TymberInTheWoods says

    me: lives in an apartment
    my mom: why dont you go outside more?
    my dad: hey, wanna go swimming with me and your siblings
    me looks at my computer
    me: uh… im feeling kind of sick today… sorry!
    my parents: oh ok, i hope you feel better soon!

    me two hours later:
    im soooo bored…
    i wish i could go outside more.
    living in an apartment SUCKS!

  34. peachxyolk says

    I would get in a sleeping position, put the blanket over my phone, and watch videos. When mom comes in, I'll just turn off my phone. When she leaves, I go back on the phone. 🙂

  35. Yasmin Hammoud says

    Me:Mom please stop trying to making do the dishes!
    Mom thinking :Nowadays kids are like crazy robots that doesn’t have any feilings

    Mom:Ok but go to you’re bedroom and you’re grounded!!!!!!!

    Me: What the heck

    Mom: You’re lucky that you’re still alive 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

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