Party Princesses Share Their Horror Stories

Party Princesses Share Their Horror Stories
Women who worked as birthday party princesses share their wildest stories, from puking to getting sued! Special Thanks To: Sierra Renfro: …

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  1. Kitty Kitty says

    Who's watching this in 2025

    Edit: Thank you for all the comments

  2. Jovan Vasiljević says

    ohh! If 9:13 was an actual Disney movie the guy would be SO charmed about all of that, he'd be giggling all cute, invite her to help her clean up, later they'd have a cuppa coffee, and live happily ever after! BUT, i guess life isn't a Disney movie after all smh

  3. idkwhattodoinmylife says

    That 63 dislike is from the kids that hate them

  4. Aneta Smilevska says

    Anyone else reacting to the princesses expecting a tip….. must be e USA thing. Usually you get paid the sum that’s in the contract, in Sweden anyways

  5. Ploppy Meowmeow says

    The end one was so sweet 😊

  6. Sara Khan says

    Woman who threatened to sue is clinically insane

  7. TheElisabethMaria says

    Is it common in the US to hire a performance for a kid's birthday party?

  8. Nicole Froehlich says

    I can’t decide if it was the time I had a seizure before a party and my anna had to switch to elsa really fast and go without me while I went to the hospital. I didn’t charge them for the second character and just let them keep the 40% remaining that my clients usually pay at the end of the party or the time we had little boys throwing things at me and trying to say I’m fake and ruin it for the little ones and then when they went to get the cake out of the fridge, it somehow fell out onto the floor and I had to distract a house full while the one of the few adults at this part but there’s teens and lots of little kid’s while they ran to the store for another cake and I got out of my party like 40 minutes late and had almost an hour drive home. Oh we also recently had a run in with a really upset harkins manager. We were doing frozen 2’s premiere weekend and doing pictures and there was a jar I told my girls cause while it’s not required, a lot of people tipped $1 or 2 but it adds up quick cause you see a ton of kids and he yelled at my girls for having the jar because he felt it made people feel obligated to pay even though it had a sign that said it wasn’t required and then I have my girls calling me not sure what to do and I’m on my way to a different event that we are dealing with a different theater and all I can tell her is just try to print out the way for now and I thought really bad because it had been one girl who only got to do one party and the rest were done by the same person but she wasn’t available on the last day so I felt really tired that she didn’t get tipped with everybody else got tipped a couple of times over the course of a few days she got nothing so I just sent her like $40 out of my pocket which is about what we had been averaging per party. It’s usually never the cute little ones, it’s the older kids. I’ve had many costume and wig issues that I’ve had to deal with, items being forgotten when they’re already halfway there and I had to call a friend to go into my house and get a specific item and bring it to me like an hour and a half away from my house in the middle of rush hour and I’m trying to stall the client. This is how I learned not to leave until you’re party ready, don’t get ready there.

  9. Katharina Schurr says

    Sorry to say this as Non-American but only in America some crazy woman can sue a party princess company for "emotional damage" after geting full refund.

  10. Passionflower says

    Princess power!

  11. Arifah says

    sis mentioned those osiris shoes dang 😂😭

  12. Oddballkane says

    11:52 a entitled mother has a children's birthday party

  13. Allyson Ayala says

    Ok that first story should’ve charged them an additional fee for dress cleanup at the very least. What assholes.

  14. John Soto says

    Wow! These Parents sound super mean but at the end of the day y'all bring it!

  15. Friida Mendez says

    Connie’s story is like the worst story ever. Like, girl, what’s wrong with that mom and the f*****g kids??
    Honey, you deserved better

  16. Tanya Brady says

    Wow Sierra is so pretty😍 she already looks like a princess without even having to wear the costume and makeup!

  17. Ayla Pichardo says

    that mom. That mom. Is a piece of snickerdoodle. She got me swearing out loud rn

  18. Madison Shafer says

    I learned never to start a party with face paint and balloons! lol

  19. Stardust Dark says

    I can’t believe that mom actually sued the company. Glad they won.

  20. random tings says

    the worst ones are definitely jasmine and ariel

  21. John Secret Spirit says

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  22. jrlandry1410 says

    Does anyone else feel like certain people will legit throw a fit and say something is terrible just to get stuff for free? Cuz I really think that's what the mom who sued them was doing.

  23. Gianluigi Laressa says

    Buongiorno 📽️🎬🏆🤗

  24. HeyitsTay Marie says

    Dude she sued them because she was being complicated and the little girl liked it and they won anyway so what was the point

  25. LUV BUG says

    i loved the last story when she was Ariel n the kids was so sweet n helpful but u now know why many people don't like making parties it's mostly all them adults they ruin it

  26. Anna Cristina Ruiz figuerora says

    They should be their own movie lol

  27. HeyitsTay Marie says

    The first story omg hahahahahah

  28. Hannah-B-nana says

    Hey I co-ran a company like this for YEARS and I have many crazy stories (aka get me in one of these)

  29. SlyDoll7 says

    Ariel who fell…what a fabulous girl.

  30. SlyDoll7 says

    I can't believe tipping is SO standard that the boss called the client to ask for one! In Europe that would be seriously rude even WITH vomit.

  31. Peachy Cream says

    My heart melted when the princesses protected the children behind their hoop skirts to shield them. Such strong ladies 💗

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