Pasta Salad 4 Ways

Pasta Salad 4 Ways
Pasta Salad 4 Ways Italian Pasta Salad Servings: 6-8 INGREDIENTS Dressing 1 teaspoon dried basil 1 teaspoon dried oregano 1/4 teaspoon ground black …

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  1. Shaq GasEngine says

    Here’s my family’s signature dish:

    1/2 cup sadness
    Two teaspoons anger
    Melted chocolate cringe
    Half serving of love
    Chill in an edge lord refrigerator for 18 years
    Sprinkle with who gives AF
    Season to taste

  2. gothmedli says

    4 is kinda wack

  3. Mary PK says

    I only came here cuz of Alix’s video

  4. Gela Rodriguez says

    So the vlog from Alix was 3 years ago…

  5. S0dap0pb0ttle says

    Taco pasta salad, Asian peanut pasta salad

    See descprition

  6. leftyla says

    Love Thai peanut dressing! I'd imagine the dressing would be good dipping sauce for chicken or something. Like satay bbq.

  7. KEITH_WHITE says

    two hours of shooting down to 2 minutes, jeez

    I always thought working for tasty or buzz-feed was gonna be the best job in the world

  8. mathilde says

    The italian pasta salad is legit one of the best I've ever had. The dresing is on point. After that you put what ever you want in your salad. I like to meal prep with this recipe since it stays really good all week long. 10/10 would recommand.

  9. Raneem Chan says

    Alex made this recipe ♡

  10. Ishi &Mishi says


  11. hei luh says

    Is this alix

  12. Cece Coady says

    That’s a lot of views

  13. Learn to say no says


  14. SsGGEE says

    Beautiful work Alyx.

  15. Rain Alex says

    Am I the only one that would throw some tuna in that Spinach and artichoke salad?

  16. sanskriti xo says

    i literally vomited in my mouth while watching the peanut butter one oml

  17. julia E says

    Not too sure about cold hamburg

  18. Sithean says

    The music in the video was terrible, but that last pasta salad looked quite good.

  19. Beau Artzer says

    You should try my grandmas
    Cook noodles
    Greens onions
    Black olives
    Cherry tomatoes
    Italian sause
    Your done

  20. Ahmad Ben Issa says

    Italians where you at?😂❤

  21. Valentina Liu says

    for the last one add hoisin sauce

  22. radhika bagdi says

    Asian pasta wasnt Asian at all

  23. Sofi B. says


  24. Julius Tan says

    Asian peanut salad? Uh … did they name that themselves? 😂

  25. wen xi says

    Hmmmmmmmmm…………… I will be really surprise if tasty can come up with some no cheese pasta

  26. Merc says

    You make pasta with peanut butter and still have the guts to call yourself Tasty.

  27. YukitoKunNeptune says

    So… I don't know if anyone knows this, but you DO NOT want to eat uncooked ramen noodles. Even if you want to eat them in their crispy form, you should still toast them a little bit. Raman is a processed food that has been semi-precooked and dehydrated to be cooked again. I would say more about this, it's like 3am in the morning here. Anyways… Don't eat ramen right from the bag. Please cook it somehow either boiling, toasting or pan-frying. Thank you and be kind to your body.

  28. Karen Arpuq says

    Probably gonna make the first dressing, but then just use pasta (of course), red onion, green pepper, tomato, spinach, and basil. Like my food simple.

  29. Anju Agarwal says

    The fourth one was the worst

  30. Yuval Kohn says


  31. Jonathan Baker says

    Why so much cheese … like, in the first one, when you finished laying out all the veggies over the pasta you sprinkled some cheese on top, then after you mixed it up and took some out into a bowl you sprinkled more cheese on it!

  32. Ehsan Quraan says

    Jalapeño + garlic + green lime juice + taco seasonsg +olive oil
    Cavatappi + ground beef + red bell peppers + black beans + green bell peppers + cherry tomatoes + corn + avocados
    4 cheese beiland 23 ﷼

  33. Ehsan Quraan says

    Dried basil and oregano + pepper + garlic salt + dried minced onion + Parmesan cheese + honey + red bell pepper + white wine vinegar + lemon juice + olive oil
    Rainbow rotini pasta + black olives + red bell peppers + salami + broccli + green bell peppers + cherry tomatoes + mozzerlla prelis
    Parmesan cheese 22 ﷼

  34. Ehsan Quraan says

    Dried basil + Dried oregano + pepper + garlic salt +Dried minced onion + Parmesan cheese + honey + red bell pepper + white wine vinegar + lemon juice + olive oil
    Rainbow rotini pasta

  35. Dave Jones says

    Peanut butter can be used as an ingredient in dressing for pasta salad and it's fine, but this last salad had SO MUCH peanut butter. Blechhh!

  36. Gabby DeRamus says

    the lone hetalia fan who saw the word Romano and flipped her shit

  37. Rajat Bansal says

    garlic salt ??%%#$$@^…….. is it just me or someone also thinks that wtf is comiNg yin market

  38. Hunter says

    italiana la prima??? sono italiana e non l'ho mai sentita prima d'ora

  39. greta cologne says

    These all look disgusting

  40. Paris Hilton ASMR says

    not 1 vegan recipe in this video and yes I'm vegan

  41. meiyuc22 says

    too complicated

  42. G G says

    The mayonnaise one is just No

  43. Samantha S says

    I feel offended if anybody says the last one is like Indonesian Gado-gado..

    Well, not exactly offended, just pitying them for never tasting anything much better than peanut butter. The real gado-gado is heaven compared to this weird not-really-peanut mixture

  44. Quynh Anh says

    asian peanut pasta salad? wtf????? peanut butter with pasta??? I'm offended as an asian!
    nothing in here looked good at all… maybe the 2nd one but the amount of raw pepper just feel so wrong

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