Peanut Allergy-Friendly Sunflower Seed Butter

Peanut Allergy-Friendly Sunflower Seed Butter
FULL RECIPE: Here is what you’ll need! Peanut Allergy-Friendly Sunflower Seed Butter Servings: 16 …

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  1. Blue Unicorn says

    What if someone is allergic to sunflower and peanuts? I wonder if it is only me who have this problem. (sorry if I made any mistakes but English is not my native language)

  2. Javanshir Hashimzada says

    Title sounds too fancy

  3. Quinnstin says

    I’m allergic to nuts and sunflower

  4. Brooklyn cook says

    I’m allergic to sunflower seeds

  5. J Kl says

    no oil please

  6. Zuhair Khan says


  7. Um No says

    This peanut butter actually sucks. I have it at my School

  8. Br Esponda says

    With a low carb sweetener, also keto friendly!

  9. Abbas Bhaijibhai says

    Is funny how with all this healthy food there is a juice box

  10. Jay says

    David seymor should try this

  11. Cyrissa Weber says

    I still can't use this for my daughter because she's allergic to coconut too…😣

  12. Aad 1 says

    for those saying This gross this is amazing I have tryed it before yikes

  13. Jarecki says

    this recipe is a totally shit… there is no way ypu could make smooth sunbutter with only 3 tablespoons of coconutoil and honey.

  14. Olivia Pruitt says

    how does sunbutter taste compared to peanut butter?

  15. alex says

    "Allergy friendly"

    has coconut allergy

    Just say nut free

  16. Anti Mage says

    what if I'm allergic to this ? or can I not be?

  17. DarkHumor21 says

    talk about a dry sandwich.

  18. Adam Glett says

    How to pack a lunch.

  19. B B says

    People always seem to forget that coconut is a nut

  20. a7mad316 says

    If touching a peanut kills you, then you should probably die. -Louis C.K.

  21. Jonathan Sieff says

    Y'know if you use peanut butter it tastes better.

  22. Samantha Kennedy says

    When I was doing this, my sunflower seeds didn't turn as brown as the ones in this vid. Should I use meaner words than just you're ugly and dumb?

  23. PCANGELDUST says

    I wonder how it tastes, anything like actual peanut butter?

  24. houchi69 says

    If the terrorists are smart, all they need to do is taint the US food supply with traces of peanuts…easy.

  25. Maiyunbby says

    Irony of this is im allergic to coconut looool

  26. Gloria D says

    can you substitute the coconut oil with olive oil??

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