Peanut Butter Keto Cookies • Tasty

Peanut Butter Keto Cookies • Tasty
Form healthy habits this year with the help of these deliciously simple keto recipes! Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: Subscribe to …

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  1. Toledo Tourbillion says

    Thanks for not putting the click tabs that block the ingredients. 😊

  2. Lieutenant Loaf says

    Putting large amounts of ketamine also helps 😄

  3. It looks very delicious 😋😋😋

  4. Henry Fergusson says

    Keto cookies place zeros ✂️ 📗 🕰

  5. AlwaysGonnaSing says

    What on earth is keto-friendly powdered sugar??

  6. Super Simple Shalieah says

    1 tsp. Of powdered stevia equals 1 cup of sugar if anyone wants to try using it for the peanut butter cookies.

  7. Spiral Breeze says

    I’m gonna make these with almond butter.

  8. Moo Moo says

    Onions are the enemy of a Keto diet

  9. You Matter says

    Anyone who thinks this cookie recipe is healthy needs to read a book and get off YouTube.

  10. Allison Schukai says

    is anyone else slightly upset about the way they marked the cookies? Like?!?! You're supposed to put one fork mark at a time to get the squares in the middle. Using two forks is a waste of fork. #savethesquares

  11. So Tasty says

    I am a big fan of you😱😻🙀😛😱👍❤💖

  12. Erica Paige Shorr says

    Making the peanut butter cookies this weekend ! Can’t wait. I may add chocolate chips 😉

  13. ᄌᄉᄋ says

    wait this looks like you suck at cooking's cookies

  14. aprilialover125 says

    So happy that you're making these keto-friendly recipes😍

  15. shhhhyeahright says

    Just made these. They are SUPER disappointing, don’t look at all like they have them at the end. 😭

  16. Max Brave says

    This is gay like to agree

  17. Ivanas Kitchen ASMR says

    New Youtuber here, lets grow together! 🙂

  18. lytwick says

    I'm pretty new to Keto and was curious what the macros would be for the Peanut Butter Cookies especially, so worked it out. It would be nice if these were included in the video or comments for Keto recipes!

    Recipe makes 12 Cookies : 164 kcal | 4g protein | 4.3g net carb | 15.3kg fat

    Totally going to try the mozarella & egg pasta idea, genius 👏

  19. Apple Sink says

    I'm allergic to nuts

  20. The_Doctor713 says

    Imma need you to remake these with not almond flower and not peanut butter as im alergic to almonds and my parter to peanut butter XD

  21. alli oakley says

    I just made these cookies. Terrible. A waste of ingredients

  22. rudeboymon says

    You only cooked that thick steak for 4 minutes!

  23. Lukasyee says

    ghetto cookies

  24. Cypruns says

    Keto is life endangering NOT HEALTHY, don't support something just because it's a trend. Sure it somewhat helps people with epilepsy, and diabetes but normal people should not be drastically cutting carbohydrates out of their diet. It's our main source of energy and we don't NEED to cut them to lose any weight, (weightloss is usually regained if intentional due to fixation around food/ can cause and eating disorder or binge restrict cycle) keto is just another fancy name for Atkins, and other low carb diet throughout the decades, and guess what? The diet industry is multi-million. They make money, because of desperation to fix your self esteem using their products, programs, apps…etc YOu know why you always 'fail', it's because our bodies think we're in famine, which we are when we are dieting. Intuitive eating is the way to go. You just need to listen to your body and stop this dumb diet cycle. Evelyn tribole's book is so informing, any chronic Dieter should read or listen.

  25. GET FIT WITH RAAJ says

    This channel is good and full of ideas. However, as I am Pescatarian I will s an over meat dishes lol. I have a channel and will be shortly dropping a video of a vegan burger recipe that has 30 grams of protein per burger. If you don't believe me head over to my channel and await my video..

  26. Mel Collins says

    Big band music is not my type. I am a Boomer, we are the rock and roll generation.

  27. Jun says

    why are you promoting a harmful diet??

  28. Leah Hynes says

    Lol the ad for this was a keto diet program

  29. Cesar A. Cruz says

    I have made these before they the best

  30. _ Yoo says

    🙂 goooooood!

  31. Angel5999 says

    Who’s been a fan before 2020 ❤️❤️


    Gifting my next 10 subscribers❤️❤️

  32. NoRestForTheWicked says

    I felt so empty
    Not hearing the expected
    Oh Yes from Andrew

  33. Keirra Mitchell says

    😢😩looks so good

  34. Rhonda Baker says

    This is stupid. You can just use the 3 ingredient recipe of peanut butter, eggs and sugar substitute.

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