Peanut Butter Potato Chip Truffles

Peanut Butter Potato Chip Truffles
Here is what you’ll need! INGREDIENTS: 1 cup Peanut butter 1 ½ cup Powdered sugar (plus a little extra if the dough needs more thickening) 1 cup Potato chips …

Source Tasty
  1. Sanya Uppal says

    Seriously! Peanut putter and POTATO CHIPS! ur ruining both!

  2. kricnea says

    What does this even mean?

  3. Sarah Chiaromonte says

    200 the comment🐯

  4. N1 A says

    Why did you do that..

  5. SV SCRIB says

    Every day, americans are learning how to become more and more obese.

  6. Z. S says

    I'll take a potato chip…

  7. laura rubio says

    soy la unica latina aqui??

  8. ally needs mental support says

    why the fuck-

  9. Lillian Hao says

    No offense, but what? Why?

  10. Barbie Girl says

    I feel like i'm the only one in this fucking comment section who wants to make this. I'm a vegan. And this looks delicious! Thank you Tasty for making recipes like this, even though they are few and far in between. They're extremely helpful! Plz don't stop because of some negative comments!

  11. EmilyVonSpears says

    Flimsy recipe. I expected more chip.

  12. Washi Tape says

    This would actually be really good. all these comments like "wtf why are there chips in dessert?" are missing out.

  13. Amidala Stevani Tan says

    Omg that's so much sugar 😂😂😂😂 tf America!!!

  14. Victoria Coura says


  15. Jessie Moar says

    I don't love this😕 The thought of peanut and chips together is just ugh. But you usually make good recipes👍🏼

  16. Ronak Rahman says

    Can I have one so I can throw it at you?

  17. ImSoRandom says

    im sorry but ….wtf?

  18. maya summers says

    Oh ho ho no!

  19. Mariana Martinez says


  20. hajira aziz says

    Tasty are you sure that the pages to your recipe book aren't suck together..???

  21. Maze's Creative World says


  22. Diane says

    If you tempered that chocolate, it would set at room temperature and you wouldn't have to freeze it.

  23. Yokinatsu says

    still recovering from the fact they used potato chips.. x.x

  24. DMG says

    and just like that your diet is terminated.

  25. Do says


  26. Tulip Paddle says


  27. highlandcommando says

    Even to me thats stodgy.

  28. Victor Restrepo says

    y las recetas donde las puedo ver

  29. Purple Storm says

    This doesn't sound or look good at all to me

  30. YAASSS! says

    So why would I put potato chips in my peanut butter truffle????

  31. Thuy An Nguyen says

    Peanut Butter + Potato chips = FAT OVERLOAD

  32. jay cartier says

    Potatoes chips and peanut butter you guys are going to hell for this

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