Pecan Pie Brownies // Presented by LG USA

Pecan Pie Brownies // Presented by LG USA
Get the best of two desserts with these pecan pie brownies, baked to perfection by the LG Combi Wall Oven.

Source Tasty
  1. Abby Leonor says

    I’m too lazy to make this lmao 😩

  2. vanscoyoc says

    lol ridiculous amount of pleasure!

  3. D Tran says

    what is the size of the baking pan used?

  4. Chaco's Antics says

    I wish they had put the recipe in the description area

  5. James D says


  6. Cake Junkie says

    "Enjoy cooking!" No. I'll enjoy your videos. And i'll cook something

  7. Fabiha Amin says

    Pecans are gross 😝

  8. E.G.G 1000 SUBS FOR NOTHING says

    I can do this without pecans

  9. chesh kat says

    Is the written recipe in the Tasty app? Don't see a link to it in the description, only a link to LGs appliances.

  10. Lois Daniels says

    A must have!

  11. 豬豬琳達pigpiglinda says


  12. Karen guzman says

    That feeling when you have all the ingredients to make a recipe

  13. Karen guzman says

    Can I still make this if I don’t have corn syrup? Asking for a friend

  14. t3ddyRUXpn says

    Just buy a brownie mix and start vid from 0:37.

  15. A Wedo says

    Sooo good yet sooo unhealthy for you!!

  16. Hi It’s Alex says

    The oven was already set to 350° why retype it? Efficiency!

    Brownies look good ^_^

  17. Brian the Trainer says

    Ew corn syrup? 🤨

  18. Jai Norman says


  19. jonanah says

    got a quiz in history in 6 hours and here i am watching how to make pecan pie when im in a dorm and we dont even have an oven

  20. Shani Ballard says

    Omg, I love this. Sprinkle a little flaky salt on top and I’m sure it’s perfection!


    Yummy! Who wants to taste it now? 🙂

  22. Haley Faragalli says

    Brownies are so good

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