People Come Clean About Their “Perfect” Instagram Moments

People Come Clean About Their “Perfect” Instagram Moments
Guys, I’m not proud of this.” On November 22nd, join us in the challenge to post an honest moment to social media with the hashtag #ifsocialmediawerehonest …

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  1. Stuff ! says

    OMG that boy!! He looks like Tristan Evans(The Vamps)in the picture!! His name is also Zack “EVANS”!!! Same last name!!!

  2. katie says

    i literally get like 20-30 likes on my pictures and i rlly don’t care 😂

  3. pastel llama says

    I love these videos

  4. Violetta DW says

    "and sometimes we look like potatoes" haha lol

  5. Bitch English says

    Whats even more uncool is all this explaining.

  6. Elijah Pierce says

    Social media mostly interview gay guys

  7. Mariana Peñaloza says

    "And sometimes we look like potatos."🤣

  8. Aza Raeven says

    This is why I don't post on social media. There's too much hassle

  9. shigsho says

    Fake people. Nobody cares about the photos and crap you post.

  10. Liddyart says

    And they all liked it their own pix

  11. PanicAtTheHippo ! says

    "sometimes we look like potatoes"

    I am a potato, I embrace the starchy goodness

  12. Making Life Less Boring says

    The difference between me and these people is that they have friends to take pictures of them

  13. Anna says

    Why is a girl with confidence gross? Like, I get that TOO much confidence makes someone look vain and conceited but girls shouldn't be told they should be insecure and guys always have to be the macho and confident ones who have care for us all the time.

  14. The Michałkiewiczs says

    question: why does "looking good" in picture is a big deal?
    answer: bc pictures, especially the online ones are forever. especially when someone could save or screencapture it n make meme or any other possibilities. And its also about being accepted n loved, like seriously guys, who th wants to b called names?- bc some people were rude n still are. if u disagree with these ppl then just support them honestly to be just the way they are n tell them honestly they look better without lying about themselves or things they do , I mean like honestly

  15. Sun Child says

    Meh I only ever post memes and quotes lol 😂

  16. sonabra says

    Well my whole insta-profile looks like i go hiking or walking outdoors every day even tho that is not true at all. But well whoever takes insta-profiles 100% seriously is an idiot xD

  17. Noah Reyes says

    "But real talk, it's just my hair looked cool"
    Hair looks exactly the same

  18. Ruby Atarah says

    i love to post the worst pictures of me that my friends take to embarrass me and then drop a bomb selfie like the next week

  19. Cindy Leaf says

    I posted a pic of me with Deryck whibley and my lil sister

  20. sophia says

    1:17 you know time's tough when you like your own post

  21. Trash says

    all of them have iphones ahhahahah

  22. Maggi Moore says

    0:02 omg i have that sweater!

  23. Otto A says

    lol my b day is on the 22 of November

  24. Annabelle says

    Sometimes we just look like potatoes

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