People Confess Their Acne Stories

People Confess Their Acne Stories
These people revealed their struggles with acne. Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! MUSIC Underpass Concerto …

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  1. Shane Bickel says

    Ew buzzfeed

  2. Cute pops says

    I'm 10 I have acne
    I'll lose it soon
    And when my friends come across puberty
    I'll show them how I felt
    When they asked me to…

  3. Ellen says

    You know the feeling people say how gross when they only have 1 acne when urs its like whole face?

  4. Dirk Young says

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  5. juvencio bdxy says

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  6. ayde gonzalez says

    I'm only 13 but if I do get acne it usally on my forehead and I have crazy blackheads

  7. nymphadora tonks says

    I don't even wanna see my face anymore. There was a time that I didn't even looked into mirror to look at my face for months. My acne could have been worse but it still breaks my heart. And the worst thing is when my family sees me crying because of this they don't understand why. It is depressive.

  8. Angela says

    i have acne and I’m not allowed to wear makeup.

  9. BEAST CR7 says

    0:46 what exactly i notice every time

  10. Paul Lane says

    Don’t point something out that can’t be fixed in less than 10 seconds

  11. Sofia Rueda. says

    I have really bad acne and once a friend of my mom’s was with us and told me “oh ur so pretty it’s a shame for your skin you should try this natural soap it’ll help you right away” dude my face wash cost more than my clothes

  12. kkunnun _v says

    I'm watching this vid with acne on my face

  13. Maggie Keenum says

    ok so im 13 going into 8th grade and i have pretty bad acne it's on my forehead, chin,nose and all over basically. I'm really self conscious about it i want to have a clear face and i hate my acne i wash my face every and try all that like face stuff i also pick at my skin which makes it worse and i hate when all there girls are like "oh i don't even wash my face" when they have clear skin and i'm trying so hard to get rid of it. i often take photos using snapchat filters because i'm too embarrassed to take one without a filter

  14. Gotcha says

    One time in school I had a huge pimple right o my face some people came round me and said “do you even wash your face?” I was so irritated they were asking all kind of question of what is that and yeah

  15. Friends don’t lie says

    ok but I don''t know if i'm just weird or something but i think that acne scars are really cute

  16. Alissa Houle says

    I used to have very bad acne but then I took medicine for it. So now my skin is clear but now people tell me that I’m not natural and artificial.

  17. Anna lala says

    I had really bad acne. (Cystic acne) when i started to take pills everyone was telling me how beautiful was i. But now even though i don't have and i have only scars i feel so insecure about it . As a result of this,i've never gone out without make up.

  18. Agnes Wiman says

    I don't care if a person has acne, honestly, I've seen so many people with bad acne and thought "Wow, she is very pretty" or "That guy is very handsome" anybody with me?🙋‍♀️

  19. Ashley Bay says

    I have lots of acne scars since I cant keep my hands of my face. I've tried multiple acne treatments that are gentle since I have sensitive skin. None of them worked. I even took a natural approach. The oatmeal helped it die down but I still have major acne. One time, this little dude said "That's a lot of pimples". I just nodded my head and walked off. I usually wear my hair in a bun but when I wore it in a ponytail, someone said "Theres something different about you" and I said no duh! He then said "but what didnt change was your acne" I just let both of them go at that point. Thanks for read this long comment! Appreciate it!👍🏾😔🙂☺

  20. Daria says

    I have this friend who wears a lot of make up , but her skin is so soft and beautiful , and she told me that she wear make up because she have 2 pimples . They weren't pimples . They were nothing . And sometimes I just think how bad my acne can be , and I can't do anything about it , but she complains about 2 little red dots . I bet she couldn't live for 1 day in my shoes …

  21. hapimochi says

    sometimes i just ask, why me? of all the people in the world that deserves the hate, why me? it really damages my emotional stability and mental health. i always become conscious and i can't even look at people in the eyes. goodness this is so frustrating.

  22. Michelle Fox says

    dRiNK mOrE WaTEr 😒

  23. Leilani’s great life says

    and you should be comfortable in your own skin☺️❤️❤️

  24. Purba Kabir says

    My dad is so weirded out cause I have bad acne.
    And my little cousin told me I have so many dots on my face. 😖😐

  25. connie thomas says


  26. Periwinkle Jacuzzi says

    I hate when I spend so long trying to get rid of an acne patch, and once it’s gone, I have a lot of pimples in other places on my face.

  27. Aubrey Caroline says

    One time in school, one of my best friends looked at my skin and said, "You should control your acne and oily face." AS IF IT'S SOMETHING THAT I CAN CONTROL!!!!! If I could, I would. I don't choose to have bad acne and oily skin. It seems as if all of my friends mention every single thing that they notice. All of my friends used to constantly ask me, "Why is your forehead so shiny?" I recently got into a matte foundation and now they say, "Yeah, you were like, super oily at the beginning of the year." And I'm just sitting here like, "Why do you have to say all of these things???" (I don't actually say that, I just think it) I wish I didn't have oily, acne-prone skin. It doesn't help that I am literally the palest person on earth (so my acne is even more noticeable). Plus I am super shy and antisocial. Anyone relate to any of this??? For everyone else's sake, I hope not. 😅😶😬😕

  28. Kaylee Productions says

    -when your friends point at nothing on there face and there like “omg I’m breaking out so bad”
    -when you get asked “do you even wash your face?”
    -when your told “maybe you shouldn’t wear makeup!”
    -“you have such poor hygiene”
    – when people with perfectly clear skin don’t have any skin care products
    -people saying “you have acne” it’s like you think so?
    -“you should go vegan”
    -“you should try proactive
    -“you should try cruology”

    honestly these things aren’t funny or harmless questions, it’s fine when my friends are saying these things as a joke but when a complete stranger stops you in public to say “you should try washing your face” it sucks, if your reading this your probably going through the same struggles I’m going through right now and I know it hurts and people are gonna notice it but it’s all gonna go away and it’s just temporary, #fuckedskingang

  29. The Butera brat Grande says

    As someone watching without acne I can’t even imagine how hard it would be to have acne.I’m so sorry for those who have it and I just want to let you know that it will get better and you are so incredibly strong.Idk if I could of taken it for that long.I hope it gets better and I hope this comment helped a little bit,and even though I can’t see ur face I know that it’s so beautiful.Just keep smiling!!!

  30. Emilia Bowden says

    I never went through the acne thing,though it sounds horrible.

  31. Lu Lu says

    I have one friend and her little sister is a bit out of control, and once she was kind of hugging me and said; "why do you have so many red dots all over your face?" And when my little sister was having this same girl over for a "playdate" she pointed my acne out again. I responded with; "do you think I like my pimples? No?, then how do you think I feel when you point them out?" Everybody looked at me as if I were an absolute jerk. A few weeks later me my friend and this same little sister were drawnig portraits of each other and she asked me "so, do you want me to add the pimples?" All my friends and family think it's funny, but I don't really

  32. Lina Nazmy says

    I feel like nobody likes me because of my acne

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