People Get Vajazzles For The First Time

People Get Vajazzles For The First Time
We put rhinestones on our privates so you don’t have to. Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! MUSIC Code Red …

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  1. darkprince56 says

    That is so disgusting, why would you show up to do this if you know you're on your period? How inconsiderate.

  2. / says


  3. Kat Sam says

    Did their co-workers have to edit this vid?………. Awkward

  4. AnarchyStockers says

    This…… is so stupid

  5. M. D. P. says

    Also, I needed this reminder why buzzfeed sux. Thank you.

  6. M. D. P. says

    God is definitly not give mercy to you or vagina.

  7. Xavier Aiston says

    HELP ME!

  8. Amera Falah says


  9. popato chisps says

    let's sing some Disney XD

  10. korgusborkin says

    I have a question for all of us. How did we get here?

  11. amanda sky says

    candace has lost weight since this video she looks good

  12. Dray _Daman says

    Is that guy transgender?

  13. Daniel says

    I saw a little vagina there 😉 Lol xd jk

  14. Kenzie says


  15. Paul Morrison says


  16. capt.sandy Vagoo says

    "This can't be worse than childbirth"
    Does she have kids?!

  17. Derek Hale says

    Lmao Will makes me uncomfortable at times, but in a funny weird way. XD

  18. Fredo says

    "Let's sing some Disney" is the best solution

  19. Mickxal says

    "Oh grandma !"

    Does he say that when he comes ? 0.0

  20. MrFukaku says

    male's pube 2:23 and his body 1:55 2:17 OMG check out he's so hot

  21. Mook Nation says

    The guy was actually sitting there drinking some wine and was actually comfortable 😂😂

  22. Kraig Jumao-as says

    8/10 overall entertaining, but why is will completely naked?

  23. Pheonix 117 says

    wait guys can get it to ?

  24. Meg Hotchkiss says

    "Oh, Grandma!"

  25. Phoebe Spam says

    1:49 the finger lol

  26. homie93 says

    I wish Candace could be my friend

  27. Super Stalin says

    Did anyone notice the 'PENIS POWER' book?

  28. S McCray says

    omg 2:02, where's her glove? She just got too comfortable. lol

  29. Jeff The Killer says

    Is will naked drinking wine getting waxed then getting crystals on his area-


  30. nadia says

    will omg ilysm

  31. Breaking Free says

    What the … a whole trend I never knew about. And wished I still didn't. From a straight male point of view – if you're female, please don't do this. It's tacky. If you're male, go right ahead, I guess, because you'll make the rest of us look so much better by comparison? Just make sure that your "crystals" have no sharp edges, because I'd hate to see some poor girl get lacerated by one of those things during what I would guess would be your last lovemaking session with her.

  32. Jolie says

    Can you imagine being at an interview for something and them asking what your job is.
    "Oh, I glue sparkles on peoples pubes."

  33. Maddie Everlasting says

    It's funny because the camera people are watching 😂😂😂

  34. Issac Miria says

    I like that dude he always the cool one

  35. Howlie 90 says

    "ooooh grandma!…"

  36. Aijah Isaacs says

    do people dye their pubes as well?

  37. UpTheManor says

    ooh grandma

  38. S R says

    The guy would be complete with a cigarette

  39. Marc P. says

    Why is it so unsexy when that first woman said vagina 🙁

  40. DragonBat362 says

    I'm in the weird part of Youtube again.

  41. DragonBat362 says

    I don't know why, but seeing these women squeal as their vaginas are waxed is kind of hot, especially at (1:27) and (1:38).

  42. Michael Boland says

    Ok so Will has no censoring, other than holding up his own leg and at the end during the final picture, and both girls when it came even anywhere close to upper thigh or even lower stomach and especially that area down there they put a gigantic OMG graphic over everything and how Will showed a picture of his after he was done and the 2 girls showed gems on their hand??? IF THAT CENSORSHIP ISNT SEXIST THEN IDK WHAT IS. Sexism can work towards men too, if the gender roles were reversed in this situation everyone would be freaking out….

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