People Having a Worse Day Than You

People Having a Worse Day Than You
People Having a Worse Day Than You SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to another …

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    I once thought that it was my moms car but it was a strangers car! So embarrassing

  2. The basicdrawer says

    well i've been sick for 2 weeks

  3. Chris Callis says

    Hey so I just saw rice 😜

  4. sky play's says

    2019 anyone???

  5. Lenka Kurbalija says

    Azzy have bug on her ear

  6. Lexi Collins says

    Now I avoid dangerous things.( tripping ) otherwise, I have to use a tissue and tape!!!!

  7. Lexi Collins says

    Out of nowhere?!?!?!

  8. Lexi Collins says

    I have a allergic reaction to BAND-AID's!!!!!
    Out of ?!?!?!😭😠

  9. Salory 2 says

    2:25 – The 8 year old I was babysitting for ripped the handle of my car door off…

  10. Shoto Todoroki says

    This is a bullied kid named Derek
    Every 10 likes he gets happier
    He wants to commit suicide! Help him!

  11. Grace Schoedler says

    I got a fortune cookie that said why do you always get headaches oh it’s because you don’t have a brain

    Lol I can’t believe this happened to me!!!

  12. Annie's cringey videos ._.* says

    My day is even worse
    I got a flu

  13. Gacha Life Girl says

    4:58 I love it 🥰

  14. Taylor Carma says

    This is kat 🐱 she is homeless 1 like=1 owner

  15. Danny says

    Fortune cookies are EVIL

  16. erin7780 erin7780 says

    im having a horrible day. My phone copletly shut down and my parents wont even help me pay for part of it

  17. sara rojas says

    2:54 that happened to me but it was the phone charger

  18. Tapping ASMR Channel says

    "like his head is literally in the shape of a mushroom!"

  19. XxLadyWolfieXx says

    poor Jordie…. getting paid in leftover halloween candy

  20. Khloē Kardasim says

    He has a temporary face umbrella

  21. dixie chick says

    You make my day a lot better. I watch you all the time. Love you.

  22. peepsmeeps tuber says

    Assy:i don't know how parents put up with us. Me:I know right I'm a pain

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