People Having A Worse Day Than You (PART 2)

People Having A Worse Day Than You (PART 2)
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  1. yamileth vigil says

    Azzy am not hating but have you not heard of free pizza tickets for kids and they get free mini or kids pizza

  2. Kenzie Lacey says

    I was putting Nutella on my toast when you showed the Nutella one

  3. Dawnflower says

    That's not the smallest pizza… Take a look at them bagel bites.

  4. Lakshmi Sitaram says

    The one from the cake is a scam

  5. star marti says

    sends hugs to all

  6. WolfBlue22 says

    EVERYONE DESERVES VIRTUAL HUGGSSSSS (cant use emojis on comp ;-;)

  7. Sophie Slevin says

    What my cousins other uncle her dads side and he was reading a book for 7years and he didnt go to jail

  8. colorful ideas says

    I have actually got superglue in my eyes when I was 2 because of my sister but I don`t remember.

  9. graham lowen says

    push thumbs up down bellow if u like azzy and kassie and think there the best youtubers ever i love them

  10. graham lowen says


  11. graham lowen says

    omg thats the same leptop im watching uazzy on and i did the some thing lol

  12. Cat Girl says

    *when the water balloon hits kid*6:36
    Kid: *falls* I'm dead
    Me: take a big oof

  13. Cookie's artsUwU says

    Oh God Im glad I'm not arrested.i have had a library book overdo for 4 years.

  14. George Collier says

    I can relate, When I went to Chick Fil A I put my head out the window while my dad was parking and my dad rolled up the window, Yep you guessed it my neck got stuck! (I was only 5-6 yrs old

  15. Yasir Khan says

    RIP:car with got stuck in cement January|24|2018 :>

  16. Jesse Briggs says

    If a guy took me to McDonald’s I will love him till I died

  17. hi cherry says

    3:53 it was a YouTube video… She lied

  18. kubasss0 says
  19. Eman Nabil says

    1:17 this happen to me

  20. Shaunel James says

    Like Everytime I break a glass my grandmother is like,''go clean it up''
    And I'm like take my life now God 😭😭😭 😭. I'm ready

  21. gacha Blueberry Panda says

    Rip those parents child

  22. Cari_Goes _Boom says

    At least the boy on the bike didn't get hurt because of the water😊😊😊

  23. Susan Devassy says

    One like: one hug for everyone

  24. aspiringnomad says

    A dog pooped on me once, i think he was scared…and a dog bit me once…i love dogs but they dont love me back😅

  25. Menuli Vlogs says

    When I was younger I put super glue in my eyes. It hurt. ☹️

  26. nlisskatcat says

    ohh noo he fell off his bike

  27. nlisskatcat says

    My tablet smells like cereal. ;-;

  28. J Cat says

    This made me feel so much better cause today’s my birthday but instead of being happy I was crying I’m so glad you made this

  29. Tara Osborne says

    # relatable

  30. Melissa Gregory says

    At 2:20
    if that is his phone how did he take the picture

  31. Lakita Watts says


  32. Lakita Watts says

    I will my eye together with nail glue when I was two

  33. Jonathan Zeppezauer says

    My mother’s old phone actually got left in the car once, and the sun was burning right on it, and that is exactly what it said on the screen. I AM OVERHEATING!!!!!!!!! 🥵🥵🥵🥵😨😨😨😨

  34. Leah CRITCHELL says

    About the broken key one. I sort of broke a key and I'm 10

  35. Miyah love says


  36. Miyah love says


  37. Laiba Nadeem says

    All that pollution at 0:20

  38. keep undertale alive says

    I baked you a phone!
    Oh boy! What flavor?
    dad, I'm hungry.
    Hi, HuNgRy I'm DaD
    why did you name me this way?

  39. Sameen Arshad says

    This is how many times azzy said on the bright side

  40. Abigail Rear says

    Azzy that bicycle fail one was the the day before my 4th birthday and I'm 9

  41. Esther B says

    the cat is acting like mine

  42. Melinda Ensley says

    i was riding down a hill on my bike and fell face first in a fire pit that was not lit and got a big scrach on my chin

  43. Gian Vooijs says

    The key thing happend to me twice

  44. Chanciemash says

    Oh, great pic QUEEN AZEALIA, it almost reminds me from a video a couple years ago by techrax where he did something like that.

  45. BlinkIYA04 !! says

    4:47 oof that happened to me too lol and then the kids started going to the CRIME SCENE!!!

  46. BellaLiuGood says
  47. Jerry Mader says

    Play hide and seek in the morning and my brother and they still can't find me and now it's night time

  48. Darlin Derhemi says

    When he parked there for a “short” while didn’t he mean forever?????

  49. Puppies4Life says

    i have a joke for U
    whats a VSCO girls favourite candy

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