People Reveal Their Childhood Keepsakes

People Reveal Their Childhood Keepsakes
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  1. Justice Bolkan says

    Mine is a pink rabbit that was my mom's childhood toy. Her name is pink bunny, and she was with me for 2 out of my 3 surgeries on my arm

  2. Doug the pug Lover126 says

    I have a blanket I like to sleep with it I had it sense I was a baby! One of my mom’s workers gave it to me when I was a baby I’ll never get rid of it

  3. Shmooie Patooie says

    The bald guys stuffed animal kinda looks like my dads old bear that I have but its all ripped up

  4. Shaukat ali shah says

    When I was a baby my family used to go to this sale it had alot of stuff and they bought my first ever toy his name was Teddy well when I say teddy Teddy was actully a plush alligator I loved him so much in kinda sad right now that he's gone he was my first toy

  5. M a t t says

    I have a bear named champ :). I got her because I loved rich344full's videos so I got her. I still remember showing her at show n' tell in kindergarten 🙂

  6. MrChevy7 says

    Slpiky man's laugh in the beginning is hilarious, WHAT?????…(UNIQUE LAUGH) LOL

  7. Jess Burton says

    “Post a picture down below”

    this is a comments section

  8. Blox the noob says

    My keepsake is my favorite Tiger Fluff

  9. GachaWolfAri says

    I gave up my old stuff animal today.. beacuse I got a blanket that has a stuff animal and a blankie LOl

  10. Aika Kirigaya says

    I have a few. Two blankets, a white bear my Nunna got me, and a Simba toy that makes a purring sound. I can never let go of stuff.

  11. Sieun says

    I hav a blankie (I had since 1 yrs old) and I hav a stuffy that I had since I was 7. I still hav them and love them!!

  12. Maddie Mc says

    Me: watching this in a bed full of stuffed animals haha yes I know how to a d u l t

  13. Lily loves puppys. Luna says

    I have a blanket I named purple blanky.. I’m fourteen and I cry when I can’t sleep with her (yes it’s a girl)

  14. Rhys Gardner says

    I have a toy bunny called Paris I’ve had all my life but only started to get attached to it when I was 8. I would take it everywhere even when I went to the cinema and I would put him in the drink holders. Me and my friend Ben would spend ours playing with our stuffed animal (his is a cat called Geoff) we would go on his trampoline and throw them in the air and they would get stuck in the tree and we would have to hit them down with a stick and them we would get them down and just do it all again. I take him with me on every vacation I go on he has been in a plane at least 15 times. His ear fell off one day and my step dad had to sew it back on. Paris is now worth around $100 on Ebay but I’m still never selling him. I’m nearly 13 and I sleep with him every night. 🐰

  15. Liz says

    I have duhbuh the pink blanket with me. I also used to have a cat named spot but I lost her and I’m upset.

  16. Becky N says

    I’m 24 and I still sleep with my baby blanket. It’s practically in tatters but I can never give it up.

  17. Sarah C says

    SO CUTE YES!!!! SAME! I sleep with classic Pooh BEar!!!

  18. Patricia Soto says

    Lol, I’m 15 and still sleep with an anime plushie thingy. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  19. Paige 1996 says

    I’m 22 and have slept with my Baby Morgan 90’s “blanky” every night since I was born and he’s been on every vacation I’ve ever been on EVER. I have an identical version that my parents got me when I was about 6 but it doesn’t feel or smell the same. I used to rub the silk edges against my face when I was a toddler to fall asleep. Blanky began to have the lace edges unravel when I was about 5 and my mom was afraid it would strangle me in my sleep so she cut it off and was without silk edges for I’d say 10 years which would have made me about 15 when I convinced her to buy me some more lace edging and sew it back on. Blanky is very threadbare but I sew any holes by hand that I find as soon as I can so they don’t get really big and the lace is staying on really well because my mom sewed it on with her sewing machine and like double stitched it so at least I don’t have to worry about him unraveling. I’m dreading the day when he gets so thread I have to put him away. I was thinking about when the time comes maybe having him sewn inside another blanket just so I can still have him with me at all time but not worry about him falling apart. Idk it would never be the same to me and I get choked up and tears eyed just thinking about it. I generally wash him very rarely and on hand wash cycle when I do and I think that’s saved a lot of wear from happening. Maybe not sanitary but I’d rather have my Blanky than be sanitary lol.

  20. Gracy Toy Schultz says

    I'm 21 and still have the stuffed monkey I won in 3rd grade, my 3rd grade teacher before she retired had stuffed monkeys all over her classroom that you could win but I forgot how.

    I'll give it to my son when he is born.

  21. Rob Is bae says

    I have a couple keepsakes… but I’ll only mention 1

    He’s a curious George plushy and we did everything together. I’ve had him since I was a baby or a toddler, (not sure which). He’s sitting with me now (I removed his shirt)

  22. Sieun says

    I have a blanket and a stuffed toy.

  23. SAR Boomer says

    My keepsake´s name was sooo creative. It was a teddy bear named Teddy

  24. Princess Ama says

    I have a stuffed penguin that I got when I was 5. When I was 15, the friend who gave it to me passed away. I still have the penguin, and I sit it on my dresser along with my friend's obituary pamphlet from the funeral. It gives me comfort and it makes me happy that I still have something to remember her by.

  25. Katrina Parker says

    My keepsake used to be a teddy bear and a blanket but I lost my blanket

  26. Qistina Cipher says

    I just have a giant pillow that's so soft helping me sleep

  27. kawai Hawai says

    Mine is a mous 🐂 name mousy im nine and they still sell it till this day

  28. Broadway Geek says

    My stuffed dog Johnny is next to me rn. I’m 14, and I’ve had her since I was 2. Yes, Johnny is a she. Reminder, I was 2 when I got her.

  29. I have no life says

    My keepsake is a stuffed rabbit I picked out from the donation center (I grew up poor) named him Mr.bunny and his neck no longer has stuffing because i would holdf him by his neck all the time XD

  30. Hayleerrs _ says

    Mine was scruffy teddy bear (like the original Winnie the Pooh teddy bear) and his name was night night 💞 sadly my dad accidentally threw him away when I was in 2nd grade

  31. gray says

    mine is a pink and green cow named piggy…?? i knew what a pig was, so im not sure why i thought the cow was a pig.

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