People Try A "Unicorn" Face Mask

People Try A "Unicorn" Face Mask
No unicorns were harmed in the making of this video. Buy the face mask here: We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so …

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  1. fagiolification says

    I love Sheridan, she's so funny

  2. Gurleen Kaur says


  3. Ruby Lipari says

    Christine would disappointed asf

  4. Punk Rock says


  5. pvta says

    Actually, a company called “unicorn beach” has a holo rubber mask. Walmart sells it for 2.88

  6. Julia Erickson says

    I’m the future, everything is chrome


    Lady like 2.0?😂😂 I LOVE IT AHA

  8. leilani flores says

    sheridan love your shirt and love the movie

  9. Sam N says

    Sheridan is so "I'm not like other girls" at the beginning

  10. Rosie J says

    “I was never one of those girls who was into princesses and unicorns glitter”


  11. super_sad says

    Am I only one that just doesn't like Sheridan at all? She sounds so monotone and uninterested and her personality is just kinda "meh."

  12. tHe BeEs KnEeS says

    Where is the mermaid face mask!!?

  13. Caitlin DeStefano says

    if this was cheese

  14. Heyyit’ss Meee says

    Try the too faced glow job face mask

  15. Maricela Casas says

    This is from MARCH! I love unicorns! How did I not know this existed?!🦄🦄

  16. mees_ riese says

    0:28 her t shirt😍

  17. Stacy Jeffery says

    they should make a series just for masks

  18. ally chaos says


  19. Isabela Hart says

    It’s not even unicorn skin

  20. Rayne Dzioba says

    2:05 she looks like the moon emojie

  21. Sydnie Kayelinn says

    Dayas hair is so amazing

  22. inge's adventures says

    looks like the glam glow mask

  23. Oli Carr says

    yall its called a unicorn face mask because it looks like unicorn blood from harry potter

  24. wearesurvivorsx says

    omg the girl with the madlove shirt. love it.

  25. Dana Messick says

    I lol'd at "chrome skin trophy" 😛

  26. • Lovelyu • says

    Unicorn stuff goin VIRAL!!!!!!!😆🦄

  27. Gene Green says

    love maya's Jojo t-shirt❤

  28. BbyKiS2y says

    I have this mask and I use it once a week. I don't have blackheads or whiteheads, but my face does feel noticeably softer afterwards. This peel-off mask doesn't hurt at all. I would say it's similar to sticking a sticker on your face, then peeling it off.

  29. Blue girl says

    I hate princesses but i love unicorns and dinosaurs:D

  30. Short boi says

    2:05 moisturize me

  31. spirit phelps says

    I need that Johnny Depp shirt though

  32. Fred Crazy da Shmoo says

    The cheese comment got me. I have found my new reason to live

  33. Hanna says

    OMG I need that!!

  34. AliceRoared says


  35. Valerie Tang says

    Have a nice day. Remember that you are worth it, and that you are awesome:)

  36. Macy Lang says

    Is Chrissy the new girl? Are they all new?

  37. J H says

    Their skin doesn't look any better after that mask.

  38. Maria Reyes says


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