People Try Acne Healing Stickers

People Try Acne Healing Stickers
“After 10 years of pubescent pain, it’s time to try something new” Boldly BuzzFeedYellow has changed its name to Boldly.

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  1. DinosaurDude says

    Lmao I literally have like 6 of these on my face right now

  2. Lily V says

    I use these all the time (a different brand tho) and they work so well. My acne is not that bad but it's very helpful for those bad days

  3. Ariella Stoltman says

    I use might patch works like a miracle

  4. Nicole VItale says

    Can you review the new micro-needling dots they released?

  5. RynnWing • says

    Oh hey I have something like this! It works removing them

  6. Amanda Amerman says

    So how many of you wanted to jumP through the screen and extract that guys huge white pimples. That one was too big……at that point, pop it then treat it !

  7. Jungkook's Wife says

    1:16 my mom has the same necklace and I'm Turkish

  8. Hero Cosmetics says

    Try our Mighty Patch acne patches! They're award winning and a top seller on Amazon and multiple retailers!

  9. Marlene Nava says

    U gotta pop ur pimple then put it on

  10. Marla Beetz says

    I feel offended with people judging if something is acne or not. You as a probably non-doctor can’t decide if someone has or has not acne and if you also suffer from it I feel bad for you, but it is not okay to just say: “okay my problem is worse so shut up, you can’t have the same problem with the same name” when you hear someone with less pimples saying it is acne.

    The point is that acne is a * collective term* for diseases of the sebaceous gland apparatus and the hair follices. It starts with non-inflammatory comedones, but later can also lead to a series of inflammatory efflorescences such as papules, pustules and nodules.

    It’s all about the treatment after the diagnosis, and to not get scars because of your active breakouts.

    So if this diagnosis helps some people, even if they only have acne vulgaris, then * stop being so rude and ignorant to say that the people just pretend to have acne*when they probably already have seen some dermatologists and got this checked before claiming it.

  11. Authy Bonita says

    you only use it on pus. that's why it didn't work on the one who had a papule was it called? it only works on pustules, those pus filled inflamed type of acne.

  12. Blue dolphin swimmer says

    This worked so well for me. So what I did was

    1. Wash my face before I go to school with acne treatment.

    2. Use a benzoyl peroxide solution

    3. Use lotion ONLY IF NEEDED

    After school:

    4. Take makeup off

    5. Wash face with acne treatment

    6. Use a benzoyl peroxide solution

    7. Use lotion ONLY IF NEEDED

    Do this straight after u get home

    Before u go to bed:

    8: take Neosporin and rub a thin layer into skin like a lotion

    9. Take a lot more Neosporin and glob a huge amount all over face

    10. Sleep preferably on back when you can’t rub all of it off

    11. In the morning rub remaining Neosporin into skin (if u used enough u should have some left on)


    This works because acne is basically an infection on ur skin and Neosporin helps heal infections ie: cuts scrapes burns minor infections. It won’t work completely on the first day but after a week I had baby soft skin and no acne. This also helps with dry skin, patchy skin scarring and scabs. If ur reading this please try it and share it with others as I will do the same.

  13. BK Kim says

    HELLO I want to recommend this product called meditouch. It is korean product made by dermatologists. What do you think?

  14. Cittix` says

    I guess I gotta buy 45 packs of these

  15. Emily C says

    they only work for whiteheads

  16. Theodora Winter says

    I would recommend for people who are bad about popping their pimples! It serves as a protevtive barrier to keep other germs out as well.

  17. Meredith Hagan says

    They’re basically the same spot treatments as for warts, only the salicylic acid percentage is lower.

  18. Sharonda Tutson says

    There are no Black people in this video. Make dots for dark-skinned people.

  19. Summer P says

    I've been using them for over a year now! They are my miracle!

  20. c a s s says

    Cosrx has these pimple patches too works as well too

  21. That Bitch says

    I use something like this also and it actually works for me extremely good. But I wash the area first with a face cleanser and I don't touch it the whole time lol

  22. yenna ahn says


  23. Liyana Syazwani says

    One of the girls look like malaysian artis,fathiya latiff.. hahaha

  24. kati al says

    Can we please have kate in more videos?

  25. - hemmatron says

    it makes me scream inside when i see them touching their pimples as if it’s going to help

  26. morgan gregory says

    people dont tend to k now that salicyilic acid is meant to purge the skin to clean out pores, it just speeds up the process and kills some bacteria.

  27. sleep deprived says


  28. Claire Beaumont says

    The Cosrx patches work way better. Overnight results.

  29. Ben Toohey says

    you are supposed to use them on like active, "you can see the head" type pimples not developing ones

  30. Mercedes says

    Put the minty tooth paste on them overnight. It'll work way better

  31. jojo imd says


  32. StellinaLim says

    I think it be best if you use it when the pimple has a white head on it cause the stickers are kinda like an alternative for popping pimples just not popping the pimple itself. I have some pimple stickers at home and it works well only when it's ready to pop, but on irritated pimples or new ones it'll just b the same

  33. fun_sorta_but_not_really says

    I cringe whenever they keep touching their faces…LIIIIKEEEEEE GURRRRRRL

  34. Abigail F says

    Wash your face, vapour rub on the spot then wash your face in the morning 👌👍

  35. Mother Mandii says

    Wish they made ones that are for cystic acne and actually work k

  36. Andromeda Studios says

    Anyone else thought it said acne idiots?

  37. Alexa Calvert says

    Why did she keep touching her face! That’s why it hurts you’re introducing bacteria into your pores

  38. dizzak101 says

    Girl with curly hair still had makeup on when she put it on. She didnt clean her face before applying like everyone else 😒

  39. Migrl 2019 says

    Horrible review..

  40. hassan khokhar says

    They don’t work on cystic acne but only work on pimples

  41. ya girl says

    them touching their pimples bothers me so much because they’re gonna male the pimple worse. i just want to slap their hands AWAY FROM THEIR FACE

  42. Karen #2 says

    That voice crack at 0:000:01

  43. Maria Kotter says

    I need a full face one… :/

  44. Clemencia Villafuerte says

    Okay. That girl put it on before washing off her makeup. How did she expect it to work?

  45. NatalieSAYS says

    Acne spot treatments in a liquid form seems much better. You can spread a thin layer from a quantity of product onto your skin. You get ways less treatment when your just buying a pack of stickers. And this would probably clog pores, since there is a layer of plastic, unlike spot treatment, which is the same thing without plastic.

  46. TheGrudgeLady2017 says

    I use the Clearasil ones, but I don't just put it on. Usually I pop it and get the junk out. I put the patch on to get rid of what's left. It heals it and get rid of what's left over.

  47. Missa E. says

    too bad it’s beige like i mean i’m lightskin but why do everything should be for whites only?

  48. spirit12317 says

    I love these, I don't get too much acne but when I do its just on my chin, it quickly gets rid of them.

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