People Try Facial Cupping

People Try Facial Cupping
It’s like little puppy kisses.” Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedYellow! GET MORE BUZZFEED: …

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  1. sasi peluri says

    2:34 why I'm feeling it too

  2. madison binkley says

    chrissy looks so skinny in her face

  3. Tigerdeer says

    You have done it all wrong. You have to smear facial oil on your skin so the thing glides on the surface.

  4. Amanda P says

    The woman who’s mom owns the alternative health store is a riot! Please put her in more demos. She great!

  5. Monroe Robbins says

    How does one detoxify their body by giving their bodies hickies?

  6. heuymoi says

    Use oil . Wrks amazing if done right. Oil helps it glide.

  7. alevan1 says

    I did facial cupping 1st time for 20 min and I ended up getting red blotches on my face…help with this go away?…like soon….

  8. V says

    curlys laugh is the best

  9. Wendy Sgobbo says

    Curly 😂😂😂

  10. Miri Mu says

    Why BuzzFeed always doing beauty stuff so wrong and then give their clueless judgments on it. You should oil the skin before cupping the area gently.

  11. Dana Sisso says

    You're supposed to use it with oil….that's why it wasn't working for them

  12. Christine Greenwood says

    What a bunch of idiots. They supposed to use oil or lotion

  13. Girl, Bye. says

    your suppose to put oil on the skin first

  14. Sydney Davila says

    Curly 😂😂 I loved when he popped in

  15. Sofia Alexandra says

    " Is that what unicorns do ? "

    I would do/ask the same.

  16. Misslilabeee says


  17. Lily Cheung says

    I just found a great 20% off deal for the same cupping set but 5 pcs, you can have a try!

  18. Natalie R says

    Maybe my experience will help someone not to make a bitter mistake – I massaged my face with cups, including my under eye area. And because of it I got new! wrinkles under my eyes- before massage I practically DIDN'T have wrinkles under eyes at all!!! maybe my experiece will help someone not to make this mistake!!! Before massaging I, of course, read reviews, but they were mixed – some advised to do it, so were against it. But I didn't read any reviews that said that you can get new wrinkles under eyes beacause of it – if I had read it before, I woudn't have done it!!! ( If you're interested in details , I'm 37 years old, my skin is dry. I didn't have any unpleasant feelings during massage, wrinkles under eyes appeared right after 1-2 massages- so , practically, almost from the very beginning! For other parts of face, other than eye area, I did't get any damages or anything negative. I don't advise you anything, I just warn you that this happened to me, and maybe my experience will help someone!!! PS – maybe someone knows how I can rid of these undereyes wrinkles- because before massage they didn't exist, it means that my skin under eyes is still rather good and firm, and maybe I somehow can get rid of them or at least minimize???

  19. Basic Ass Girl says

    No one did it the right way

  20. Fordm says

    bunch of women making fun of the treatment

  21. Aleida Roldan says

    wrong all wrong

  22. Zoe Huppert says

    You are supposed to use some oil on your face to allow the cups to glide otherwise won't work!!

  23. The beginning had me rolling

  24. Andrews2490 says

    at least have an elderly. person. with wrinkles to try this.

  25. Cees van Doorn says

    If you hold a hammer doesn't make you a carpenter. These cups should not be used by people who are clumsy and never followed instruction.

  26. Reina K. says

    It would glide better if you use some drops of oil. Try cold-pressed rosehip seed, coconut, or hemp seed oil.

  27. halima warsame says

    idk why i dont like chrissy …! she is beautiful but she is annoying …maybe it is her voice

  28. Verbe Brothers says

    1:46 I've never seen her actually laugh or let out a big smile her smile is really cute

  29. BS says

    I have heard you are supposed to remove the "bad blood" that is drawn to the surface, not just leave it there.

  30. Danielle Meek says

    You're suppose to use oil…….Like coconut oil, almond oil, or moisturizer. Lol Thats why its not gliding.

  31. low-life inksquirt says
  32. Christina Efstratiou says

    I should be studying now…but no. Getting to university is not as important as a buzzfeed video. Good job me…good job

  33. omgdaizy says

    So… when is Curly getting his own show

  34. lauren glasser says

    I new it was gonna give them hickey's 😂😂😂

  35. xo xo says

    ""People Try Facial Cupping""

    ""People Try""


    Okay then, only involve women and not men, Boldly. 👍

  36. Underrated Cheesecake says

    my god that thumbnail is pure nightmares

  37. Marilyn Flores says

    I used to do this with mini m&m tubes y'all ain't special

  38. Atomic Alien says

    "I feel like I'm Patient 0 of the zombie apocalypse."

  39. asaratkhandr says

    sushi thats half alive? gurl what kinda sushi u eating?

  40. Mikaela Mooke says

    I love every person that was in this video

  41. LONA L says


  42. Tiffany says

    You aren't supposed to do cupping on your neck………just sayin

  43. bee says

    all i can thing about is supernatural tbh

  44. nov3lia says

    3:443:51 lol!

  45. Cristen Post says

    Sheridan's skin always looks so beautiful and glowy

  46. pythonkatie K says

    The thumbs up is only for Curly.

  47. ilaallstar says

    He looks so hot! Wow great style! 😍😍😍😍

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