People Try Hemp Beauty Products

People Try Hemp Beauty Products
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  1. Crystal ' says

    Hi my name is Crystal and I am the owner of a subscription box company called Hemplife. Hemplife is a monthly supply of bath products made by various Artisans in the U.S. and Canada using HEMP as the main natural ingredient.

    I was wondering if this might something you would be interested in sharing with your Subscribers on your YouTube channel. I notice you do unboxing videos and would be very grateful to gain that kind of exposure.

    I had marketing strategies planned for Facebook and Instagram but I am being blocked since Hemp is 'related' to Cannabis (even though Hemp contains no marijuana properties at all and is comparable to sunflower seeds or coconut oil.) So I'm reaching out in other ways hoping to get Hemplife out into the world.

    Let me know if you are interested and I will happily send you a free box. 🙂

    See our Cratejoy listing here:



  2. Emily says

    The best CBD website on the internet:

  3. TK Wallace says

    Hemp and marijuana are two separate strains of the cannabis plant. There are two major chemicals in cannabis: THC (the one w/psychotropic properties) and CBD (can help w/anxiety, seizures, etc.). Hemp has an insignificant amount of THC: you can’t get high from it, so hemp and hemp byproducts are legal. Both hemp oil and CBD oil are usually derived from hemp (why face the legal hassles of growing it from marijuana when you can get the same product from hemp instead?).

    HEMPZ body mud mask: hemp [seed] oil.
    Fresh Cannabis Santal Eau de Parfum: NA.
    Ardency Inn Mascara: hemp protein.
    Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar: hemp oil.

    None of these products contain THC. All of them (except the perfume) probably contain some CBD. But commercial CBD oil sold for medical use typically contains ~15-20% CBD by volume, while hemp oil at most contains ~3% CBD by volume, sometimes much less (< 25 parts per million).

    So when Lara says the HEMPZ mask makes her face feel relaxed (00:581:06), it’s entirely possible the CBD in the product’s hemp oil is causing that effect. But a hemp oil product is going to be a lot less potent than a CBD oil product, so she might also be experiencing the placebo effect.

    ::shrug:: I was curious.

  4. tanisha - says

    ok teens are gonna watch this and ik that they do and ya’ll trying to hippie and cool they’re gonna think the same because its being encouraged by influencers and ik you guys have made these sorts of videos before and they will start to think its cool and go out and buy it from sketchy people and hello for young people it is not good not at all

  5. Ella Cawley says

    “Biggest fan of wicked would wear” Right here and would not wear that

  6. Bunny Poofs says

    Hemp is the male version of marijuana; it doesnt flower in the same way marijuana does, and contains low to zero levels of THC. However, hemp actually does contain some CBD. That's how hemp-derived CBD products are (or were, not sure about current laws) able to be federally legal; the CBD is derived from the male version of the plant that doesn't contain THC, therefore there is no risk of excess THC leftover in the product. (That's the reason marijuana-derived CBD products aren't federally legal; its near impossible to guarantee that 100% of THC is extracted on a chemical level.) I went on a vacation out of state, crossing mulitple state lines, and was able to bring concentrated CBD crystals, because they were hemp-derived. Had it delivered from online, even. *Not saying that any of these products actually contain CBD; all forms of cannabis, female and male versions, have many multiple uses outside of their medicinal compounds. Just pointing out that it is possible*

  7. Emi Wa says

    Lol, I was the 1000th dislike.

  8. Maya Oliver says

    Just don't bring it to a airport

  9. Mahasin Jones says

    I didn’t know OCC used hemp oil in there vegan line. A new level of respect for them

  10. Kayla Curry says

    Lowkey the Hempz chap stick is the best chap stick I've ever used

  11. JackStrait says

    WUT?! I've seen that Hempz brand lotion at my grandma's house before!

  12. Clara says


  13. Commissions From Home says

    Hemp / CBD Products help in so many ways here are some other great products. Hemp Skincare and beauty products, also CBD Oil.

  14. The Gothic Two-Step says

    Have… have these guys seriously never come across hemp oil products? They're really common. What is it with American Youtubers and equating hemp with weed?

  15. Burgerbitch. says

    Hemp* tofu

  16. Olivia says


  17. Amanda Valerio says

    Weed is tight -beebo

  18. Cwang4 says

    The title was changed to hemp because everyone kept talking about it haha

  19. Erin Fiona says


  20. LinzBelle says

    "my face does feel very relaxed right now…" LOL hemp is a whole other plant than marijuana.

  21. NootWoot says


  22. Mallory Lopas says

    My face wash is hemp based, and it's the only thing that has improved my skin

  23. Elise Acosta says

    I have a lip tar never knew it contained that 😂

  24. Kara D says

    "I don't look good"

  25. ke Nako says

    Serlom without her braids 😍

  26. phebe palmer says

    HEMP. IS. NOT. WEED. Hemp is amazing, but it will not get you high. The one girl is feeling placebo effects

  27. M .Crandell says

    Buuuuttttt. Did they smoke weed before trying these products?

  28. Bronwyn Alayne says

    clickbait title. this is hemp not weed. hemp doesnt contain thc or cdb its just a different strain of the same plant type.

  29. Raul Garcia says

    Or weerd products 😂😂😂😂

  30. Juliet Agre says

    Who's stupid idea was this?? Hemp and weed are not the same thing. All you'll get from smoking hemp is a headache

  31. Jami V says

    am I pretty

  32. Make it Therapy says

    weed tofu is already a thing

  33. Bella Murray says

    Hemp == marijuana

  34. Cecilia Lopes says

    Oooooooooooooh this is a make up video I like

  35. HEMP IS NOT WEED (this botherd me alot for some reason)

  36. NatGar Matthews says

    I never realized Hepms was a weed kinda thingy and .. my grandma got me hemps lotion………😂

  37. faeriesmak says

    Well..that was stupid. Hemp and weed are not the same. Hemp doesn't have THC. If it did I am sure that Lip Tars and Hempz lotion would be regulated and probably not carried at Ulta.

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