People who are Seriously Confused About Fashion

People who are Seriously Confused About Fashion
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  1. Madison Armstrong says

    I did that before but it was not my fault it was the Store and it had the security tag

  2. Kamecha Lee says

    Manquins can move T-T like if you broke an manquin befor like me •,•

  3. Tristynn Walker says

    Fish shoes are comfortable because I have a pair☺️ #supercomfy

  4. berry bear Mille gamer says

    And I oop

  5. Spill The Tea。 says

    Okay I’m sorry to all u American people but if u want good H&M clothes come to Australia the clothes in our H&M’s are…..,oh mah gawd they are the besttttttt

  6. TrinTube says

    OMG haha my science teacher literally had the fish shoes (4:15) and she said there really comfortable and she wears them every night

  7. Gacha Blox Chan says

    Extra late squad where ya at ?

  8. ______M & M______ says

    ‘Your shoes there to protect you, in the end of the day it’s there to protect’
    -Said no model ever

  9. Chanel kawaiiderp says

    I like cold shoulder shirts!!

  10. blue singer says


    Azzy :soccer
    me: it's called
    Azzy :i mean football for all the Europeans

  11. Lysa Swiontek says

    It cold as f*ck in Minnesota to

  12. Electro Films says

    Bro just because the circle is still on doesn’t mean he stole it, they forget to take them off a LOT Of times

  13. DJ-Oni Ari says

    Cold-shoulder tops are awesome!
    & The world isn't Splatoon so dress how you want!

  14. lilianmichellie says

    I love it ☺️🤣😃😋

  15. 123lu 123 says

    Azzy you are more fashionable than I am

  16. Adelia Sallhag Eriksson says

    But i wear cold shoulder shirts….

  17. Kristin Vagula says

    I bought a bag and when I got home I saw that little thing and struggled for hours to get that off, then i took hammer and it broke lol

  18. Susan Snell says

    7:44 Azzy:yea t-those are a little bit to long

    Me:or she just is short… like me TwT

  19. Jay Stewart says

    I where cold shoulder shirts and I am 8

    Like if you were cold shoulder shirts

  20. Sophia M says


  21. John Champion says

    This fqn Butch is dumb…

  22. Crazy,Crazy Cake Eater!!! :Ω says

    Ladies and genamle? 3:39 😂😂😂

  23. It’s Avocado says

    She ain’t waring her bra on her. Shirt her shirt is clear

  24. Galaxy _gal says

    The lady who wore her shirt backwards said it was wear your shirt backwards day

  25. Milana Solomeina says

    I hate mismatched socks and mismatched shoes….. 😨😨😨😨

  26. Floof XD says

    Late 2019 anyone?

  27. Something by Myself says

    Why is everybody so late??

    Oh wait

  28. I am soooo a early it’s 2015

  29. Kimberly Wilbanks says

    Ya you don’t look the same as other people, you look more beautiful.

  30. Midnight Wolfie says

    4:32 Guess you could say those shoes seem fishy

    I'll leave now…

  31. Ashley Stover says

    3:40 geninimals

  32. Shannon Case says

    Whos hear in 2019

  33. Piggy Potato says


  34. Gamer Gurl says

    The first guy probably just bought it and the cashier forgot to take it off of the jacket that has happend many times

  35. Aliyah's Lair says

    I love cold shoylder and camo

  36. Echo the Dragon says

    7:06 the manicians have parts of there bodies u can take off to dress them easaly….. i dont know how to spell srry

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