People Who Are Too Good And Pure For This World

People Who Are Too Good And Pure For This World
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  1. Gacha Hazel says

    Who else say that the dog one got 42k retweets, THAT IS ONE HAPPY DOG 🐢

  2. Jessica Bieser says

    The cat died

  3. Lee Iris says

    World Scholars Cup gang?

  4. kemp kemp says

    This is sooo sweet

  5. Marabella says

    man i wish i had a friend like that

  6. Violet Garcia says

    Tbh I was hoping to see alexei here even if this was made a long time ago

    May you rest in peace alexei πŸ™

  7. Keira HARDMAN says

    Oh you want an alpaca….

    Don’t get one there a pain ask my auntie she has a full heard of dem

  8. Kimberly Carcamo Henriquez says

    Whenever I see a cat who is in pains it hurts me all those people who let cats die will get karma πŸ™

  9. ComedyCosmos And More says

    I was at a park and this baby dropped her bottle and her crocs and she started crying, so what I did was I picked the crocs and Bottle up gave it to the baby and gave the crocs to the parents. I told the baby that she’s okay and I made a silly face to make her laugh πŸ˜€

  10. Cynthia.A.R. Paz says

    I’m not crying my eyes are just sweating

  11. trinity bacon says

    how many good things did you do in your life

  12. elijah Envy says


  13. Noor Mohammed says

    I don't know if you noticed or not and I'm not trying to be rude, I just want you to be aware of this, at one point the audio sounded a bit static and then it continued to be like that, faintly but noticeable for me.

    Again this is not hate and I genuinely me trying to help out.

  14. Rosie says

    Is your friend Kassie

  15. Annabel Dahl says

    Whos watching in 2019?

  16. Annabel Dahl says

    Who's wat

  17. Bryleigh Furr says

    When you said "the cat Susie" I was like "Have you met my cat or something"

  18. GamerGirl _ says

    The one with the kitten was the first video that made me cry cause when I saw the real video everyone said don't touch the kitten and this man did and he raised it and then the cat died from heart failure

  19. CATY CAT says

    If I only got friends for having the same name id be friendless

    My name is spelled differently.


  20. Savannah Banana says


  21. Sarah and Jenna says

    Who da friend?…I love azzy and azzyland like if you do to

  22. banana bread :p says

    OMG azzy said my name

  23. Jessica Holliday says

    My cats named fluffy

  24. Shadow Dark says

    Was the girl kassie

  25. King Saqi says

    I want a hard boiled egg because of that story

  26. CookieCorl Revived says

    At the two team wins thing…. I disagree.


  27. Clawge II says

    πŸ¦™<β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” THAT IS A ALPACA LIKE A LLAMA

  28. Deejay YouTube says
  29. The Chair says

    0:57 SMILE

    #gramma matters

  30. Alexandra Luster says

    Azzy is wonderful.

  31. Justice Cavender says

    1:43 Jordi screams lol

  32. Emily Martirosyan says

    You want an apllaka???πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  33. Micky Medhat says

    I think about this dying cat, there's a different story I heard, long story short it's a cat who everybody hate and only one woman, treated her good, and sorry to say but I don't remember well but I think the cat died in the end, (I'm not trying to burst ur bubble, if I did I'm sincerely sorry)

  34. Sneb Gator says

    i got trapped at target during a tornado warning and i was crying. a little girl (probably 1-2) came over to me and gave me a hug

  35. Ashlee Bates says

    I'm not shy I sit alone at reassess and lunch no one cares😭

  36. Filza Ali says

    I was very shy and I had no friends untill a girl called me to sit with her. Now we are BFF'S

  37. Memosh Khawaja says


    Me: you thinks THATS a friendly smile? Search on google: smiling alpaca, I LOVE the photo

  38. Valkyrie Feirro says

    4:08 dem cats need therapy

  39. Hugh McBroom says

    also just curious is it gloom 2:40

  40. Save earth today says

    This is kitten 🐈He is dying
    But one kind soul liked this which means that is one more second of life for kitten

  41. Hayley Paterson says

    I still love alpacas even though I have been sneezed by one before…

  42. christiliatay says

    Was that kassie??? 😏

  43. Ngozi Anucha says

    I need a ALPACA πŸ¦™!

  44. Minivann plays says

    I'm always the "weird kid" at school

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