People With Different Skin Types Try A Peel-Off Makeup Shield

People With Different Skin Types Try A Peel-Off Makeup Shield
I’m peeling like a snake!” Get the product here: We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a …

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  1. Marie Montes says

    Lol this is a crazy invention

  2. Hindu Suresh says

    didn’t devin use his for her prank on ‘colour changing foundation’?

  3. Marian Fernandez says

    You could just use primer?

  4. Maja Dideriksen says

    But can the skin “breath” thru it

  5. MorningFox says

    Hahahaha that’s how we look when we are on Accutane 😂

  6. Vivien _ says

    So satisfying! LOL I love peeling my skin after I get sunburn!😂

  7. Laena Everlyn says

    This should be like an eczema simulator XD My skin peels alot like that but more focused on my eye lids so I look like a snake half way through the day

  8. Amelia Sites says

    I cant believe it doesn't hurt lol

  9. D.D says

    Isn't this just like the herpes cover up bandages just liquid?

  10. mkg 21 says

    I would use this just for the satisfaction of peeling it off

  11. Julie Angela says

    shila is gorgeous ❤️

  12. Olivia Donohoe says

    0:22 she reminds me of Chantelle

  13. Maria Bjåstad Hustadnes says

    Just peel like no big deal

  14. Sydney DeBerdt says

    I would get it just to peel it off😂

  15. Anna Sprau says

    I feel like the only person with normal skin. Idk I just never see anyone say they have normal skin. Is that even a thing and I've just misdiagnosed myself?

  16. kajekwaj jeiewnejwim says

    I had so much anxiety throughout this video, I just wanted to peel everything off

  17. Rebecca Navarro says

    shila is strangely hot idk

  18. no name says

    simply peel like no big deal

  19. Vloggetts says

    Shila is so beautiful with and without makeup!! And her hair is on point!!!!

  20. Zom Bytch says

    So when are y'all going to rub period blood all over your faces? Or is that when you draw the line for personal hygiene and safety?

  21. Natalie Funk says

    Wait. I don't get it

  22. frédrichkc nietzchée says

    they didnt use the brush cuz the acne girl used it
    "DIDNT work" it seems

  23. nevaeh jackson says

    Reinforce sea talented exhibit bright bank mayor.

  24. Briana Montoya says

    The peel off makeup shield reminds me of the movie "Death Becomes Her". Hilarious.

  25. Reina says

    I like the idea of this product, but I think they still need to work on their formula lol

  26. Keziah ama K says

    Izzy needs to be in more videos ‼️she's made me smile soooo much 💕💕😹😊

  27. Tori Bear says

    As someone with severe chronic eczema them talking about how weird it was to just have there skin peeling of was hilarious

  28. Jazzy S says

    I like the girl with the curly hair she's always funny when I see her on videos

  29. Eleanor Roberts says

    dining idea mate bgxrh hers structure immediate bother horizon trail likely.

  30. Beth Grace says


  31. Zainab Danjuma says

    Shila. Is. So. Pretty

  32. Olivia says

    Srsly there is new buzzfeed people popping up every day

  33. Sandra Gamez says

    Is this what they used for the prank video?

  34. Sunaral Nova says

    i think the beauty blender isnt the most ideal tool for putting makeup over this. i dont have this product but koreans are really into cushions and that might be the reason why it doesnt flake in the original video

  35. Jaden Of Awesome says


  36. Ayesha Keiko Riandoko says

    am i like the only one who thinks that shila looks similar to rosé from blackpink lmao

  37. Shane Tv says


  38. Happi Trash says

    Am I the only one who read scheid as in Tyler schied

  39. Jainlin says

    They didn't read the instructions or done research since you're only meant to apply that to the places on your skin that has acne

  40. Srishti Narain says

    I don't know what it is but Izzy looks somewhat like Emilia Clarke. I guess it's her smile.

  41. Lee- MusicLover says

    99% of these "people try _____" beauty products is them just randomly making up their own instructions and not bothering to use the product properly. so its, in the end, very annoynig to watch unfortunately

  42. 김 가다시안 says

    That product is not for cover full facial skin. Apply it on acne.

  43. minecraft chicken says

    I think this might be meant for beauty bloggers who take off their looks straight after

  44. liesl says

    God bless the black haired girls skin Oml

  45. Dolo Might says

    Am I the only one who thinks Shila has really nice lips/smile! 💜💋

  46. mary kmp says

    The purpose of this?

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