Peppermint Brownie Sandwich Cookies // Presented by Pillsbury Baking

Peppermint Brownie Sandwich Cookies // Presented by Pillsbury Baking
Peppermint brownie sandwich cookies are a delicious treat for the holidays! Full recipe here:

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  1. Kiro says

    that looks like stale wholemeal burger buns with coleslaw

  2. Joujita queen says

    Please don’t forget to check this

  3. DanicaAndVictoria says

    The batter also has raw eggs in it… therefore, don't eat it.

  4. U Haul says


  5. Davontae Wells says

    Peppermint brownie sandwiches for Christmas this year

  6. tulip says

    T-Todoroki kun?

  7. ALEXA VLOG says

    More loved the behind the scenes

  8. Nisha Prakash says

    The pillsbury doll… 🥰❤

  9. Chef Anthony Dacres says

    Love this! Quick and easy!

    Please check out my latest TV show and try out the recipe. SUBSCRIBE!!

  10. Jelo Gutierrez Cantos says

    I can't see Dough Boy here being voiced by Andrew at the end. And again, the cookies look perfect.

  11. Dazzling In the Kitchen says

    Ok Tasty! Now you’ve gone to far! 😍👍🏾

  12. augustbliss says

    Hell no…look at all that cream cheese and butter JUST SAY NO

  13. Frankie 78 says

    Too much peppermint should’ve just left out the crumbs

  14. Ericka B says

    This music reminded me of the King of the Hill theme song.

  15. Jeremiah Long says

    I eat raw cake batter and nothing happens to me

  16. legreenradio says

    The music is so fucking aggressive I cant focus on what they’re making

  17. Mom of Two Kids says


  18. Morgan Mexicott says

    Yay more commercials I love things that are really commercials
    but made to seem there not

  19. The Cook says


  20. Mr Fancy Dragon says

    Video: 1 box of Pillsbury Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix.

    Me: That's awfully specific.
    reads the title again and notices Pillsbury


  21. Celeste Lopez says

    Look like mini whoopie pies. Thanks for the hack!

  22. Martabak Mini S2 says

    Pasti enak buanget itu

  23. Mahayla Monk says

    ALWAYS SO WASTEFUL in 99.9 of videos. &. Can’t even mix things all the way.

  24. Gagan Saini says

    Wouldn't it have made more sense to roll the cookie in the bowl?

  25. 101 Skully says

    I was wondering if you guys could make a video on baking Eggless sweets and pastries. Could you? Would you?


  26. eric hao says

    thought it was macarons when i first saw it

  27. Jo Odebode says

    I really hate these add recipes, but get that dough tasty

  28. SummerDrake4178 says

    Looks so tasty

  29. Derrick Jones says

    This looks amazing!!!

  30. horst says

    I would replace peppermint candy with coconut flakes

  31. juicy freak says

    Toothpaste Brownie Sandwiches 🙄

  32. Francis Nguyen says

    Did you make cookies for Christmas?

  33. murasaki rin says


  34. Sarah Shanaa says

    Did anyone try it ?
    I want to make it now lol

  35. Plague_arsena l says


  36. LaTanya Porter says

    Oh cool I can do this thank for sharing

  37. Caitlin Pearce says

    Rie will make it fancy

  38. Alexa Smith says

    Tasty, plz make another cookie countdown

  39. MNova B says


  40. Oscar Humberto Bermudez says


  41. Sketchy Skies says

    I'm not the biggest fan of peppermint chocolate,so I have no real opinion on these

  42. Draw with Jon says

    Who else is a fan of "tasty"?!
    👇 btw I'm a YouTuber that's trying to hit
    👇 1k subs before the end of the year! thanks😊

  43. Shinica Saint Louis says

    we love tasty

  44. G Devil says

    Anybody that puts mint in chocolate should be slapped.

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