Perfect Responses To a Text From Your Ex

Perfect Responses To a Text From Your Ex
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  1. eri says

    The last one's really unnecessary.

  2. jovana says

    You just posted cringe bro

  3. uwu says

    I woulda said, "NO IM F*CKING EXPENSIVE"

  4. xxxtentacion R.I.P. says

    The first one "You will never find someone like me" it's from a song.

  5. green absinthe says

    I don't have reasons to hate my ex
    I really miss her sometimes even if I'm the one who broke up lol

  6. Kerry Mccoy says

    Is all of this just actual texts I swear I have seen this on funny ex texts and stuff

  7. Jermaine Lawson says

    I remember buzz feed was funny now it's sjw/feminism bull crap

  8. Prince of Chetarria says

    Or you could not be petty and be nice

  9. nah I'm good says


  10. christabel abotsie says

    Oooohhhh these were savage!

  11. I H says

    When I was at the Never Lets Go contact I paused accidentally and started singing let it go by accident and then looked up to my frozen pjs by accident!!!!

  12. Darth says


  13. Sponge Boi says

    Dat last one do

  14. Ajay Chhibber says

    last one though. 😜😛

  15. GalaxyLover 595 says

    Mmm.. I wish i have a ex to do this all

  16. B G says

    The last txt😂👌

  17. Fatima Cachua says

    at the end he should of said he didnt change that one

  18. RukaXchan says

    why do u even have the number of your ex xD hes gone everyrhing should be gone

  19. Donksplongler says

    Oh I recognise all of these from lots of other videos

  20. Liv And Die says

    Here's one if you have dated a cheater!

    Roses are wilting,
    The violets are dead,
    I heard you've been cheating,

  21. Anime FRENZZY says

    Buzzfeed yellow: what's your go-to response for your ex?

    Me: the ones you shown me! 👍🏻

  22. Sudha Lsv says

    Ex: you cannot find another one like me
    Me: thank god for that!!

  23. Gaby George says

    The last one just perfect

  24. Lili Silveyra says

    "Hey, I miss you"
    "Can you read?"
    "What does this say: MY LIFE "
    "MY LIFE"
    "Okay, is there a U in that?"
    "Lets keep it that way."

  25. naka says

    Wanna see a trick
    Boom………you are now single

  26. Oliver The Space Kid says

    My EX still misses me, but her aim is getting better! Her aim is getting better! You see, the joke is that marriage is terrible.

  27. Angie says

    when you really want to use them but realise that you don't have an ex, let alone a boyfriend

  28. JR says

    The last one … Damn.

  29. Yellow Banana says

    when they said oh I guess he didn't change this one I died 😂😂😂

  30. Gabi says

    The last one…Kill it xD

  31. Badstrike Nation says

    Last one 😀

  32. MissEMagix Channel says


  33. the wolves paw says

    I'm using these one day XD

  34. Mus says

    Boy: I can't live without you
    Girl: Die then

  35. Daniela Davison says

    I always try to stay friends with my exes if possible. Being grudges/enemies with someone you once loved is just too sad. The last time an ex texted me was to say he was sorry and ask to go out again. We are still dating now : ) hope it works out. so i would just say burning your bridges for a cheap revenge thrill is unwise

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