Pictures that Prove your Life is a LIE

Pictures that Prove your Life is a LIE
Pictures that Prove that your Life is a LIE SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to another …

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  1. Miss Amanda's world says

    The character of Winnie the Pooh is boy his name came from a female bear but just because name came from opposite gender doesn't make character that gender

  2. Quang Long Nguyen says

    Why is the title German?

  3. Andre Gallant says

    Its survivor

  4. Brionna Hart says

    Why is it called an orange 🍊if it’s green!?!

  5. Madison McKee says

    ( ^ – ^ )
    (> <)

  6. MysticFyreGalaxy '_' says

    Lemons, limes, and oranges

  7. SSJR Black says

    I've had green oranges before

  8. Trinity Gloria says

    You are the best

  9. Iabella Luciano says

    Why did she say standing down

  10. Holly says

    barcode scanners can read by lines thats how it tells whats inside

  11. Holly says

    what the heck dude

  12. Holly says

    'standing down' what the heck its 'sitting down'

  13. Nathan Miller says

    standing down?

  14. Kamal Abdullah says

    Im so confused🤔🤨😕😕😕

  15. Jayden’s Ideas says

    Here’s a teddy bear!

    (°~° )
    | |

  16. salus aphrodite says

    I wipe standing up you're judging your comments you don't deserve likes no subscribed and no notifications you don't deserve those so don't deserve to be YouTuber

  17. Zoey Stephens says

    "Standing up or standing down" Good job Azzy A+ in english 101

  18. Alexi says

    Actually wiping when standing up prevents you from getting your hand in toilet water and it’s not uncomfortable

  19. Lena Asken says

    2:10 I wipe standing up and it’s not uncomfortable

  20. Maddie Wynn says

    Those are the hosts, not the contestants

  21. Samuel Markham says

    bricks are not bricks

  22. Mille Burum says

    They got knees

  23. Brandice Oliveira says

    2:09 standing down lmao

  24. Candice Barrett says

    Any one else hear her say standing down instead of sitting down 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  25. Amalie Olsen says

    Winnie the Pooh in Norwegian is Ole Brumm and thats a boy's name

  26. Fiona Kerr says

    God had a pen
    Azzy had a highlighter
    God drew the world
    Azzy made it brighter

  27. Mikhail Hoover says

    You said standing down

  28. Gracie Da Hip Hop Queen says

    The whole "Winnie the Pooh is a girl" things annoys me. Winnie the Pooh is actually a boy and the teddy was named after a character from a book called Winnie, and Winnie was a girl. So Winnie the Pooh is a boy, but the character HE was named after was a girl.

  29. Estrid Skou says

    in danish pinuts are (durtnuts) jordnøder

  30. amber harvancik says

    Cutting edge technology. Spreading edge technology.

  31. Jean M Bastien says

    On the ground ! Hold up search search I am literally freaking out

  32. Lily Richardson says

    I'm a girl and I wipe standing up cause then you dont have to worry about touch the gross toilet water

  33. Lucia Luy says

    You know Croatian???

  34. Allison Stoner says

    I realized

  35. Drowning in Bath salts says


  36. Ŵàffłêž says


  37. Pokémon Potato Alyssa says

    Idk why I stand up to wipe 🤷🏻‍♀️

    I just follow my brain

    4:59 I'm dead 😂 luv the editing

    So…..oranges 🍊 are actually greens??

  38. Rachel Golubiewski says

    Yay over a whole minute of the end song! Like if you also like the song

  39. MooTube Belle Parado says

    You seid standing down 🤣😂😅

  40. Adorable Arcade says

    I wipe standing up like if you do to oh I’m the only one

  41. Kyah The Goddess says

    2:07 standing down XD you are amazing Azzy

  42. neko says

    3:43 but then it's not called orange, it's green…(sorry if this is what I wrote it does not make sense, I do not speak English)😂😂

  43. Chloe Kitty says

    2:50 "not just YouTubers do this" wait… so Azzy click baits? MY LIFE IS A LIE

    Edit: (Yeeeeah I liked my own comment so people don't think I'm lonely)

  44. rhianne rich says

    Azzy: some people wipe standing up and other people wipe standing down

    Me: did you take grammar azzy?

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