Pineapple Upside Down Pancakes

Pineapple Upside Down Pancakes
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  1. Shelby Schritter says

    Im allergic to pineapple but this look delicious

  2. Josh Costello says

    Who else just fainted?

  3. Hana Adil says

    Pretty sure this is what happiness looks like

  4. M a d d y says

    i just made one and its sooooo good

  5. Enrique Alvarez-Buylla says

    Oh…Yes !!  This recipe made Christmas Day perfect. This is a Pineapple Upside Down Cake lover's delight. I used Coconut Flour and followed the rest of the recipe. Absolutely delicious, however a bit sweet. Thank you.

  6. b0nk says

    music reminded me of spongebob

  7. Mila says

    I am so sorry, but I tried this recipe and it isn't very delicious. Maybe it's up to me, but I know that drought is so bad.

  8. Jullia Martins says

    God i want this so badd but im bad at cooking/baking and its making me soooooo hungry🙁😪

  9. James Hanbury says

    does it work without cherries

  10. Shivalini Mohapatra says

    Wonderful thanks 💜

  11. Soundz says
  12. Gølp says


  13. MercuryMonroe💋 says

    The guy who says oh yes at the end sounds just like David Dobrik 😂

  14. Jessi on the Go says

    I tried these and the pancakes around the cherry never cooked.

  15. Wat More says

    IHOP should put a new item which is this In their commercial

  16. Alana Vunak says

    No eggs in the pancake?

  17. Anju Agarwal says

    I like the music

  18. laurelmcf1 says

    I made this for breakfast. Delicious and only a little more difficult than normal pancakes. If making more than one batch, I would recommend keeping the pancakes warm in an oven, and making the syrup last, because if it is left sitting too long it gets VERY thick. I also recommend doubling the syrup, but only using one batch worth of the rum. While the rum does add something, it can quickly become too much.

  19. OOF says

    Ew the holes

  20. Alesica Miller says

    Ooh, Fancy hand movements.

  21. Taf Bunhu says

    That awkward moment when you have the same spatula as tasty

  22. Savannah Speer says


  23. AAAdvil -3- says

    I'm making these right now 🙂

  24. Papi Pastrami says

    @Tasty what is the ingredient you add after the milk and before the butter 0:17

  25. Put the pineapple juice and maple syrup AND bam! you have pineapple syrup!!!!

  26. VA Laks says

    First pizza then this. Look at all the things you're ruining society. smh, a like is a tear shed. Although these do look amazing…

  27. Aaron Redd says

    i made these for breakfast and they were amazing

  28. Hello Thursday says

    You know what's this recipe missing!? Moar butter!!

  29. Larry Is Real says


  30. sky rocket says

    why the rum

  31. zoe summons says

    The cherry on the back of the pancake in the beginning of the video looked like a smiley face ! Like if u saw it

  32. Rajat Bansal says

    can I skip rum

  33. Amiraaa says

    The batter look watery when poured?

  34. Kerry Chaney says

    Pineapple upside down cake

  35. Victoriaaa says

    Why are people hating on pineapple? It's just a fruit.

  36. Fatma Thaer Abu komer says

    I welly love this channel

  37. Matt Vinc says

    looks like a pimple

  38. • ShaZam • says


  39. MK. says

    ew pineapple

  40. TeAniMate says

    I have a pan i have a pineapple……UGH Pancake Pineapple

  41. Souad Aljuwaied says

    oh no

  42. Susanne de Waard says

    Apparently nobody thought it looks like a boob okay I guess I'm crazy then

  43. sad tofu says

    Im looking for spongebob comments to find people actually talking about the video
    Im getting mixed emotions from this

  44. Karina Cardinalli says

    OMG! I need it <3

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