Poblano Chorizo Scalloped Potatoes • Tasty

Poblano Chorizo Scalloped Potatoes • Tasty
This is the holiday side dish that your family will beg you to make again next year. Hearty and covered in Oaxaca cheese, this chorizo-laced, poblano-studded …

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  1. Karina87 says

    I thought that was a Circa Survive tattoo 🤦🏼‍♀️😆

  2. 09yulstube says

    Yay, the (i) text bubble didn't fully cover the ingredient 🙂

  3. TyrranicalT-Rad says

    This actually sounds and looks delicious.

  4. Scoob The Boob says

    It’s like a Mexican shepherds pie. Delicious!

  5. Samanthaflower says

    It’s almost like a shepherd pie…I think!

  6. وصفات مع منال says


  7. Elena Loghin says

    What is the name of song?

  8. Ramiro Rivas91 says

    Excuse me guys but i dont have the heavy cream, instead of heavy cream can i put milk in this recipe? Thank you i will be really helpfull to me

  9. Agent Smith of The Matrix ! says

    Raw scallops 🤮

  10. me me says

    Whats chorizo lol

  11. Polysphere & Music says

    Que Paso

  12. Maria Cucina says


  13. Nosrep Suomynona says

    uh, it's some kind of potato lasagna

  14. Nhung Chez says

    I like the last recipe,

  15. Jack 1D1 PS says

    Can you just, slow it down a bit, please🤗

  16. MMM YummY says

    Looks awesome by Tasty as always,please check also HOW GIANT OSTRICH COOKED by me in my channel https://youtu.be/Mv32ThzO5Xg

  17. Rica Ivory says

    Idk what kinda chorizo that was, but I'ma use the one I like, but other than that it looked amazing.

  18. Darius ochoa says

    "poblano chorizo" JAJSJAJJA <3

  19. Marshall D. Teach says

    Was about to bop to the music in the vid 😂😂



  21. Nikhila Kumar says

    Do calorie plan varieties of breakfast lunch dinner weight loss or gain

  22. frigtartsxp says

    Fkn love chorizo

  23. Pixel_Geist says


  24. Alverant says

    Chorizo is good and all but there's too much grease and it's hard to tell when it's done because the spices keep the color from changing much.

  25. Enrique Vega says

    That recipe looks delicious! Not gonna lie tho, that chorizo looks like shit, look for the genuine one and this is going to taste a hell of a lot better 👌🏼

  26. Joy Smith says


  27. [CookTV]Superwoo says


  28. Marcus Ang says

    This music slaps

  29. FLO says

    I just ate and watched this. I'm hungry again and i don't have the ingredients to make that. Oh well, improvisation time. Buen Provecho!

  30. Alejandro Jaramillo Herron says

    Wow 😋

  31. Mурат Borisovich says

    Nice food 👍
    Followme 2019!

  32. cupcake lover25 says

    Tasty: make all this yummy food everyone will love
    Me I DONT HAVE ANY OF THESE THING i probably would burn the house down i have once.

  33. Royal Geesey says

    Follow my Instagram it’s @royalgeesey tryna get some more followers thanks!🙏🏼

  34. سالي says

    Sounds like Esteban Julió Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramírez favorite food lmao

  35. Takeru Kun18 says

    who else beside me is watching this while eating?

  36. GihanFineArts - Abstract ART says


    Btw I’m on the road to 4K! Any help is appreciated 🙏🏻❤️

  37. Robert Cooney says

    I love this…. Thanks for posting, here's one of my recipes…. I'm a retired fireman and was the Chef in the Fire department…. https://www.justapinch.com/recipes/main-course/beef/fireman-bobs-marinated-smokey-rib-eye-steaks.html?p=2

  38. itsKevin TV says

    This video in a nutshell:
    Not Italian Lasagna, Not Italian Pizza Bagels

    Like if you agree
    Anyways this looks amazing eitherway
    Like again if you agree

  39. Ishaan Patel says


  40. leannsmarie says

    They didn't show it, & they probably didn't do it, but you're supposed to roast & peel the poblano chilies before you dice them up.

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