Pop Art Living Room & Shabby Chic Bedroom Tour

Pop Art Living Room & Shabby Chic Bedroom Tour
Hey lovelies! today I decided to film my living room and bedroom tour, I apologise for the length of this video and hope it doesn’t bore you all too much! I hope …

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  1. Samantha Sheep says


  2. mujtaba omari says

    hey anyone realised this is 3 yaers ago and she has changed a lot from shabby chic and doesn't show of her art skills anymore . really sad.

  3. Zizi Arduç says

    💞 Amazing

  4. AchoAyat says

    you have a beautiful room

  5. kat zl says

    verry nice room 😍

    It's so kind of you to this most youtubers don't do this btw congratz with your 1mill subscribers🎉🎉🎉🎉 I would like to win the urban decay palets or the skincare products since I have a really bad skin just a few weeks before my wedding😭😭

    I will make an twitter account on the nam lizzz_morozv
    my instagram account is : @lizzz_morozv

    xoxo liza ❤❤

  6. Gülcan's Life says

    I like vintage too. my room like your room. same color,same style..

  7. Anita Borozan says

    But arent those old needles and syringe unsanitary?Loved it btw.

  8. Mavrokattou h Prwti says

    So pwetty!!!!!! O.O

  9. Ella R says

    OMG I love ur rooms so much!! Goals! 👍
    Ilysm btw ur my fav YouTuber ever!

  10. Mari Ami says

    I subbed today and i totally love u <3 u are perfect , i mean , u are very very beautiful, you have awesome house , love your style, u have boyfriend. <3 in this century everyone likes 'girly' things and u , u are awesome. i'm dieng know how old are u <3

  11. MissNickkieJ says

    You're style is absolutely beautiful. I finally found someone who likes the same type of room decor!!

  12. Sanii ii says

    where is your garderobe ? i would like to see it 🙂

  13. julieta Varcru says

    lovely <3 !!

  14. Baby Rilakkuma says

    So beautiful & vintage <3 love it

  15. yermchu says

    I really love your room😍💙

  16. Wild Blonde says

    How old are you? 😏 love your room by the way it's perfect 👌

  17. abbieseeyou says

    I love your room and your style <3 wish I had my own room and one like this!

  18. Kamila Alicja says

    teddybear from Poland? I'm from Poland! 

  19. Alex Green says


  20. Gloria Sarp says

    u have good taste, I loved everything I saw

  21. Inga B says

    I just love your style, is nothing
    like I've seen before and I also love old stuff (:

  22. Amy grunge says

    you're awesome i hope you made a video for more info about  you  !!! :3 

  23. Tori La marr says

    Wow! Your room is absolutely amazing! Thanks for the inspiration! <3

  24. Violeta Chavez says

    Wow!! :O you have one of the most beautiful and amazing rooms I've seen!! 🙂

  25. harmonnica says

    The music??? I love your room btw 🙂

  26. 1Derfulisfahan says

    Ur such an amazing artist , u have such a cool house can u pls do a draw my life

  27. MyRoxou says

    I love the style of your room and bedroom ! Great video 😉 Xoxo"

  28. Melissa Marie says

    Nice home very pretty I love your vanity chair its awesome 🙂

  29. Danielle Kim says

    so cool!! youve inspired me 🙂

  30. Sarah Kimble says

    Thank you for showing us your living room! I was so interested when you said your mom styled a pop art living room. My favorite in the video was your dog…so beautiful! And btw- you are the perfect definition of FLAWLESS! If you ever end up in NY, lemme know boo! You're such a cool lady xoxo

  31. Fer Kiratha says

    Oh my god, I love it!!!!

  32. clare x says

    what a beautiful house, you and your family have amazing taste!
    your room is like a museum seriously you have so many unique beautiful items!

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