Pregnant Women Play Never Have I Ever

Pregnant Women Play Never Have I Ever
“When I was in labor my husband said, “you’re fine let’s watch a movie”, and he put on Saving Private Ryan.” Subscribe to As/Is: About …

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  1. suzy.m 5 says

    Is the woman with the black shirt Israeli?

  2. Ysa Mendoza says

    Arrow growing up and watching this video lmao

  3. Lexi Scott says

    Yaya is baccc

  4. Gray_justGray says

    I hate hearing about people who just touch a pregnant lady's belly. How can you do that it's so rude! What if somebody just grabbed your belly??

  5. Isabel says

    the way the woman with the grey shirt described her husband he sounds insensitive

  6. TheAwkward One says

    I love Yaya 😂

  7. Isabella Puff says

    I hate breakfast foods so I eat Mac and cheese for breakfast every morning.

  8. Airen Subliminals says

    I have idea on video: ppl who hate kids arebplaying with kids

    For those ppl it is MURDER

  9. Røse says

    “would definitely recommend, try it at home”

  10. Jessica Mantell says

    Totally used my pregnancy to get my husband out of a speeding ticket.

  11. Qwerty Qwerty says

    Add my instagram himynamesfret

  12. Nouran Halim says

    Yaya is hilarious

  13. Rushni Akter says

    Why am i here 🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠

  14. Valerie Yuen says

    "When I was in labor my husband said, "you're fine let's watch a movie", and he put on Saving Private Ryan." ~ I don't think I will put up with a husband like that … actually, such a man would not even be able to make me his wife in the first place !!!

  15. Anna says

    25 weeks pregnant today and i’ve never had a weird craving lol 😅

  16. Kellyofthecorn says

    when she said "aiden" i felt that, cause thats what im naming mine

  17. hope says

    Lowkey got a lil sad for the woman who’s man made her watch private ryan, when she said he was too tired to take her to the hospital 🥺 sis was in pain!

  18. Fatima Lopez says

    Arrow …???? Poor girl

  19. kimysuarez 24 says

    What other way was yaya talking about?

  20. Universe says

    I was on board until the wine part 😬

  21. Mateusz Cielas says

    well we have regulated names in Poland

  22. KAKADUJ35 says

    Guys they're pregnant so its diffrent

  23. Nad Watermelonely says

    Their faces are glowingggg! Yazzz mommy gloww <3

  24. Hannah Frandsen says

    My whole third trimester I was on bed rest and muscle relaxers to prevent me from going into labor. Then when the day came to actually go into labor I wouldn’t go into labor so they had to break my water 🤣 good news is my labor was only 1.5 hours from start to finish after the water was broken.

  25. MiVidaBellisima says

    Yesssss YAYA IS BACKKKKKKK ❤️😂😂

  26. Mipper the Meatloaf says

    Try it at home…I’m dead😂

  27. aditi rajawat says

    Are you sure your daughter won't get bullied for "Arrow" As her name
    I pray not 🙏

  28. Esther says

    I actually think arrow is a cute name

  29. Cristina Bran says

    Braxton hicks xD

  30. Kimber Moon says

    Dude I couldn’t get out of jury duty 37 weeks pregnant. I was actually selected too. I was excused though due to the nature of the case and because I was pregnant.

  31. Fire Fox says

    If I have a daughter I am planning on naming her Marina and if I have a son I am thinking of either Kai or Sean.

  32. Shion nii-san says

    I was born at 7 months…. Love you mom.

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