Primark Haul || Autumn 2015

Primark Haul || Autumn 2015
Hello everyone! today I decided to film a little Primark haul autumn edition for you all! I hope you guys enjoyed this video! don’t forget to give it a thumbs up if you …

Source Roxxsaurus
  1. Lem's Life says

    Cute lemoni cook

  2. Antonina Voronets says

    Hi guys✌️! I want to thank Roxxsaurus for her wonderful videos in which it's nice to see her radiant smile😁, kind eyes and hear how with love in her voice she communicates with her subscribers💛💟! Thank you very much !!!
    P.S. I wish everyone good luck❤️🍀
    (my instagram: 🐈xo

  3. miss feder says

    please do more hauls I love it so muchhhh

  4. Mackenzie Masters says

    I love u soooo much u are so pretty

  5. Paula Mujica says

    you should try them on 🙁

  6. roos van der klauw says

    Omg I love it

  7. Lozza In Looney World says

    love primary hauls x

    if anyone likes heavy metal music check out the band on my channel

  8. Steph Bull says

    I wish Primark was in Australia 🙁

  9. AnnaZindzi says

    hey! lovely video ( and gorgeous makeup!) If I may give you one small little Tip: Just scoot back a little or do a try on. its really hard to see the clothes in all their beauty like this!! Lots of love from The Netherlands 🙂

  10. Chloe Savidge says

    Whenever I watch primark hauls on YouTube everything everyone gets is so nice but when I got I don't like anything 😕

  11. Nida Dhiyasunni says

    I have that burgundy platform heels too but mine is in black and it's so comfortable

  12. Julia Kim says

    I love you and your channel!!! you inspire me so much to be bright and positive <3 keep on going <3

  13. M M says

    You're so pretty

  14. Carola Emma says

    You are so pretty! Xx

  15. Fran Kay says

    woahhhh, I remember when you had like 20,000  subscribers – and that wasn't thaaaat long ago!! You deserve every one though

  16. Nuha Nayem says

    I think u should do more of thses primark hauls cuz its a shop most people cn go to 😌😌

  17. Kacey Breitbach says

    I love Primark hauls 🙂 PLEASE DO MORE, WE WOULD LOVE THEM 🙂

  18. Freddie says

    Loving your style and loving the fact that you actually make hauls that normal persons like me actually can go out and buy without feeling TOTAL MAJOR BROKE for the next 6 months

  19. Sophie Stylianou says

    I saw a girl in school wearing the red shoes and I thought of you!! lol

  20. Elena Loli says

    You are adorable new subby💕

  21. Chloe Haney says

    What lipstick is she wearing? I'd love to purchase it!

  22. 59cottoncandy says

    I came over from Poppy Rawson's channel, I subscribed 🙂

  23. Zoey Olivia Davis says

    Just discovered your channel :). You're stunning by the way!

  24. Ellise Hayes says

    I have that cardigan but it's so wintery I haven't wore it yet😂 x

  25. Jtru says

    I really liked this Primark haul and you are very pretty. Subbed you

  26. India Davidson says

    I have those primark jeans and they have lasted a lot longer than my topshop jeans!

  27. anna says

    I want that plaid cardigan!!

  28. hi new subbie 👱👏I love Primark too I loved your haul xxx ❤❤💋

  29. nicole jimenez says

    What are pound

  30. Mila Ghassani says

    I looooooove Primark so much :)))

  31. Emy Fr says

    so why U didn't show us the clothes on U :!

  32. SalinaS says

    OMG!!!!! everything u bought was amazing especially the cardigan and those shoes :'( (JEALOUS)

  33. Thekymism says

    you're so pretty <3

  34. Niomi Watson says

    I love Primemark♥

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