Protein Packed Tofu Bowl • Tasty

Protein Packed Tofu Bowl • Tasty
Dress up any vegetable with our Hearty spice blend! Our seasoning pouches are great for every dish. Find them in stores or click here …

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  1. Nbhovi Sari says

    Did you sale that tasty zesty at indonesia

  2. robertha says

    Food for women

  3. me me says

    Wtf that dont look spicy

  4. FernTheYoutuber says

    Nice commercial but 2 problems:
    1. Too expensive
    2. I'm not giving buzzfeed my money

  5. Karl Münster says

    Remember when this channel was about clever recipes and cool ideas to improve your cooking and not about absolutely shameless sellout? Its not even marked as an ad although this is literally just a low budget TV ad break. Also didnt you guys make a video about how to reduce waste and cook responsibly? Whats the fucking matter with these teeny-tiny plastic bags of overprized spice mixes, this is a huge waste of plastic and money and honestly its just really dissappointing.

  6. Marissol Rodriguez says

    LOL 1oz for $5.50 are they crazy

  7. Acno says

    i came to watch a video not a commercial

  8. Conscious Appetite says

    I'm not even a Tofu fan but this bowl looks delicious😍

  9. AncalimaArashi says

    I…no, no buzzfeed! No Tasty! This is bullsh*t, all of this is BULL and you know it and I hope you all overcook your pasta, I hope your meat is dry and your lettuces turns soggy! Enough of your BULL marketing, if people wanted to pick up your JUNK, they would have done so without you shoving it down their throat. We're here for cooking, not your stupid overpriced junk.

  10. FOODOT 푸닷 says

    So beautiful recipe like her^^😁😀

  11. Alex says

    lol. plastic packaged and a tiny amount. i'll stick to bulk seasoning like a sane person, but thanks for the commercial in my feed.

  12. Stanis García says

    Do you have Tasty in Bolivia???

  13. Santi12007 says

    This comment section is sane

  14. Amy Mitchell says

    Not buying the stupid overpriced spice mix but if y'all have the recipe, please drop it.

  15. Mustafa Ahmed says

    I dare Alvin to make a gaint mac n cheese

  16. Pink Tape says

    Where tf is the recipe ?

  17. Mendoza Sibs says


  18. Miranda Mom says

    At least garlic is the first ingredient in this blend. Even salt being the second ingredient isn’t so bad, as long as you taste before you add more salt. But sugar as the third ingredient? Really?

  19. lets eat邊走邊吃 says


  20. Shantell TT says

    Mmmm,This look soooooo delicious!😍

  21. Cooking Made Easy Ng says

    Wow… Who else thinks this is so amazing? 💃💃💃💃💃😍😍😍😋😋😋….
    I love cooking and I tried some recipes on my channel. Please check it out and give me your feedback… Thanks 😍😍😍😍

  22. Isaac Hermosillo says


  23. Amanda Fevrier says


  24. Bazziness says



  25. Nathan Martin says

    Buzzfeeds food sounds like a item in
    Legends of Zelda

  26. mcera gamers says

    I am early

  27. UltraPlayzzz says

    so how do i make this if you are not gonna show the recipe? because i'm not buying from buzzfeed.

  28. Coco Moore says

    I want to try tofu one day

  29. Leo McClaran says

    Ooh yassssss

  30. ItsJustMe says

    T A S T Y.

  31. Adrian Anyayahan says

    What's the point of being too early if you don't have a joke…

  32. ThrillerGamer77 says

    5th viewer btw

  33. Lok Jenny says

    FBbfvsckskcakckfjqjhwhc2uduqviwrb1 1r.v.q.v.1v

    -area 51

  34. If I'm ever going vegan (which I'm not) Tofu is the best way

  35. 100k subs with 3 videos? says

    T H A T L O O K S O T A S T Y

  36. pranav vachan says

    You are the best

  37. Evie Clark says

    This looks good

  38. monica mccollum says


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