Q&A || Starting Youtube, Phobias, Fashion, Holy Grail Products

Q&A || Starting Youtube, Phobias, Fashion, Holy Grail Products
Hey guys!! today I decided to film my first ever Q&A, I hope I did okay! I tried to answer as many questions as possible so I apologize if I missed out yours. I would …

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  1. JessicaMinnie says

    I am your biggest biggest fan I love your all things you are so prettt

  2. Jantje Jemoer says

    Omg ur voice changed

  3. Roxanne K. Tarapor says

    music taste on point <3

  4. AchoAyat says

    I love Teen wolf😊

  5. Molly Lafaver says

    snaps quad! can I please be on your story tonight? 💞🦄

  6. Maimoona Amin says

    What is your name???😊

  7. Safia _ says

    Make more jokes it was kinda boring

  8. Ola Mazur says

    jejku oglądałam już dawno twoje filmiki, a dopiero dzisiaj dowiedziałam się, że jesteś z Polski wie

  9. ismail menouer says

    how old is she !!

  10. Monique Black says

    You are very relatable

  11. Penny Chan says

    omg! where is ur top from?? i love it its so cute!!!

  12. Emily Davis says

    OH MY GOD, I have a phobia of slugs, too! Thought I was the only one! lol.

  13. . says

    What is the name hair dye? The color degree ?

  14. what's your nose ring?
    is it clear or it's with some crystals

  15. Sara Campos says

    What's your pinterest username? 🙂

  16. kajowata says

    O masakra uwielbiam cię jeszcze bardziej jak dowiedziałam się że jesteś z Polski ❤️❤️

  17. says

    لبسها مرره يعجبني😢

  18. Mary-Katherine Webb says

    Apple spice tea is amazing!!! …. And I do a section of art and design within my college x Your really good 🙂

  19. America Vega says

    Please make another Q&A!

  20. Pastel Goth says

    My Mad Fat Diary<3 ffs best show ever.

  21. hannah mclean says

    I see MCR 😊😊😊😊 love your videos so much x

  22. Erin Cooper says

    Omg you literally have the best taste ever omg 👽

  23. Esma Alcin says

    omg I love your top<3
    where is it from?? Xxx
    btw: I love your style 🙂

  24. Jazz Jazzy says

    Hi I love ur videos .Especially when u were a Spider Queen 👍🐰 U should not be wearing all that makeup u r naturally cute

  25. wolvesinmasks says

    You have a fantastically diverse music taste and I completely relate (MCR are amazing)

    Also there is a really awesome post-grunge band called Violent Soho that you should definitely check out 🙂

  26. Scarlett Watson says

    What is ur Instagram name?

  27. Leyla Abdullayeva says

    İs your French?

  28. Logan Williams says

    I cant believe I havent seen you before geesh! I love your style and channel!

  29. Eleanor says

    You're so beautiful and I absolutely love your hair colour!! Xx

  30. Drea says

    I love 'The Art of Getting By' not many people know about it though

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