Questions Boyfriends Know Are A Trap

Questions Boyfriends Know Are A Trap
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  1. কমলাক্ষী says

    Who eats jelly like that? 🤦‍♀️

  2. Stella Price says

    I gotchu'
    0:03 "You're even more beautiful than yesterday."
    0:12 Just nod. I apologize on behalf of my gender. (P.S I don't do this. I'm sorry)
    0:24 Just start listing all of the specific and non-specific adjectives "You're beautiful, funny, adventurous, smart. You have an amazing mind, you're everything I could dream of, you're fiercely loyal."
    0:27 I have NO IDEA it's all a trap and I hate that it is. Just… no pasts?
    0:30 "That they are all unique and kind. Just like you." "They compliment you in so many different ways. And friend name is such a good guy/girl/person!!!"
    0:56 Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    1:00 Kiss/wallet/phone/keys/didyoutellherwhereyou'regoing?
    1:02 Nod/"I think you both make valid points." NOTE only say it if you mean it. You better know both sides of the argument before she says,"Like what?"
    1:09 "No you always look like an angel."
    1:12 WAIT DID YOU JUST SAY PROBLEM AREAS???? You deserve this.
    1:35 "I don't know, but I try not to be." Is probably your best shot. Also rapidly flash back through the past month searching for what you did.

  3. eisenheim says

    "Look at ME!" "Look at HER!"
    Jesus Christ lol

  4. Althea Kyra V. Runas says

    I'm not this type of girlfriend 😂
    i would play with my bf.. and i wouldn't assume to much.. and i would trust him😂

  5. Albert Liu says

    The number of times I said "WHAT", "Oh f***", and "oh you're f***ed" is too damn high! (insert meme) 😀

  6. Blue says

    1:10 LMAOOOOO

  7. Sai Ren says

    I would just be honest and blunt to questions like this, any follow up would be, "don't ask questions to which you don't want to hear the answer". We always end up breaking up after that but any women who can't handle my answers lost my interest by that time.

  8. Riley Nicholls says

    Another funny but true one is
    You look beautiful

  9. Kendall Lawrence says

    “Was it cheap” 😂😂😂

  10. Hyacintha Riztbally Sutopo says

    why is she laying in bed wearing sunglasses

  11. huyked says

    I just answer truthfully, with some tact. If you don't really want to know, don't ask.

  12. Gaby Parra says


  13. Mukul mack says

    After seeing this i just want to hug my invisible girlfriend

  14. Vivek Lester Kanade says

    What if you just say the blunt truth?

  15. Jerry Sonett says

    Good thing I’m gay

  16. Brisa Varela says

    Kinda ship dasha and eli now lol

  17. Maridian Comer says

    As a woman I literally get annoyed when people do this. It's like attention whoring/manipulating someone to start drama and/or to make yourself feel better and wanted. In other words its toxic and the exact kind of people I try not to hang around

  18. Travis says

    The real question is why is she wearing sunglasses in bed?

  19. BuckyBoi says

    Things like
    Do you notice anything different
    Does this (blank) clothing make me look good?
    Is she pretty

    Stuff like that

  20. First Name Last Name says

    I'm the blonde

  21. fox mulder says

    Becky is so cute

  22. Sabrina Dudra says

    0:44 who wears sunglasses…inside…in bed while cuddling……

  23. Hotpink51 says

    I don't understand why the "why do you like me" one is a trap, sometimes it's just nice to hear it.

  24. Grace Miller Segura says

    The only right answer to “isn’t she gorgeous” is “she’s pretty but you’re much prettier”

  25. jon m says

    So glad I’m gay!

  26. Shivaani Pillai says

    are they actually couples?

  27. Teagan Denny says

    Can daysha and eli date already or just stop doing couple videos and getting out hopes up

  28. Andrew says

    Who naps with sunglasses on?

  29. alex 1234nsiw says


  30. Harry Mk says

    Is eli Still in buzzfeed??

  31. hey ! says

    Daysha and Eli are so funny

  32. The Plush Parody says

    Daysha lol

  33. Carly Michelle says

    Me : what do you like about me ?
    My boyfriend : stares at me
    Me : what ?
    My boyfriend : do I really need to tell you ? I like everything about you so shut up and let's go runs
    Me : giggles and runs after him

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