Questions You Wish You Could Ask Your Friends With Kids

Questions You Wish You Could Ask Your Friends With Kids
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  1. Puff Anna says

    I can see why people would want kids. Not everybody wants to continue life traveling and partying and buying things, some people want to settle down and have a family, children are a blessing, they are God’s gift to this earth. 👶🏻👶🏼👶🏽👶🏿❤️
    But with that being said, I will never have kids, I definitely want to travel, live wild and free forever and have nothing to hold me back!!! 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  2. M.N. eXecutor says

    i like how she drives her points home by referring to it as a "thing" lol

  3. UncleBigKid says

    OMG why would you say any of that ?

  4. undercover cantaloupe says

    "How can you handle the noise without your brain melting?"

  5. Paige G says

    Why am I watching this?
    None of my friends have kids.
    I don't have kids.
    I'm in middle school.

  6. Aristarco Palacios says

    "Do you realize that if your parents would've thought the same way, you wouldn't be here? Assholes?" XD That'd be an excellent answer!!

  7. spinemelter2000 says

    They should make a video about the positive aspects of being childfree.

  8. Jyne Foster says

    i love it

  9. Chrisgirl867 says

    I DO wish I could ask these questions

  10. Putri Farisya says

    babe, think bout ur parents.

  11. Victor Martinez says


  12. Carmela Maietta says

    I've been raising kids since I was 18… I am 24, and I'm FINALLY getting inseminated in a few months. You choose what's best for you… I know what want out of my life

  13. Alice says

    the problem is that people who dont want kids think everyone secretly feels the same as them, and people who want kids also think everyone feels the same. for people who want kids, its an enriching and fulfilling experience, simple as that.

  14. Birkinbag09 says

    What I secretly think every time someone I know announces their pregnancy

  15. Maisy Mouse says

    People who believe parents made a stupid decision by having kids are just as bad as people who pressure child-less people to have kids.

  16. I'm not a mother yet but I don't think that calling kids a 'thing' is okey. They are tiny individuals. And for all the assholes telling people not to reproduce: shut up and take care of your own pathetic lives.

  17. Sarah James says

    I don't want kids but I hate them nor do I think they're dicks. I was a child myself

  18. Itchy420 says

    Why is the world so against kids? If you don't want to have kids then don't, but you don't need to insult parents. Like bruh

  19. annamaezingmeow says

    why are parents even watching this video and commenting? lol you don't see us going onto their baby videos and being like ew gross.. haha

  20. ky morris says

    i live in jamaica were not that expensive or trublesome

  21. Sharon Braun says

    I really hope the money I save from not having kids shows in ten years when my friends kids are in school and they are miserable

  22. rossuwu69 says

    Kids are awful, and I'm never gonna get one. Why you may ask? That is absolutely because why should I? This world is already over-populated, so why should I make it even more over-populated just because "everyone wants to have children, and if you don't, you do"? I would like to use my own money to myself, not one of those pooping, loud things that will never pay me back those thousands of dollars that I used to it for over 18 years. And if that is why I will never get a longlasting marriage, then so be it. I prefer to be single than to be tied with a stupid child who will ask thousands of stupid questions, make me and everyone around us hate us because it screams like it's being killed, even though nothing is wrong.

  23. Snayls says

    Here's the thing. I DO ask these things. They get to ask me things, I get to ask them things. Fair is fair.

  24. ᴍʏʟᴇs says

    I don't want kids either… Like I would enjoy sexual inter course but no little nibblets please

  25. Crimson Panda says

    I'd just get a dog/puppy. They are cheaper, with the same amount of love.

  26. Chloe EhDERP says

    omg Children CHILDREN watch this and you just let them be called it's???? you were a child once!!! WE ALL WERE!!!

  27. Geraldine Lira says

    You don't want to have kids… Fine! Don't do, but live alone the people who wants to. Buzzfeed stop posting this shit.

  28. ReknLive says


  29. Patricia Hughes says

    u fucking bitches.Dont call kids it look at my profile picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U think kids wont wath this?

  30. Hailey Wall says

    Children are people. Please stop calling them "that thing" or "it" even if you don't like them.

  31. blacknetizen says

    People are free to "hate kids" or whatever, but calling kids (especially of color) "things" is not okay. Too many kids are mistreated as property for people to be joking like that.

  32. Amy Ainsworth says

    Being a mum is the most enjoyable job in the world, if you want it, I have always wanted to be a mum it's just what ever you decide to do with your life,each to their own I say.

  33. Sarelle Sirius says

    This video is funny, but I love my baby girl and I couldn't be happier. Having a child forced me to change, and it's made me a better human being. But I'm not going to lie, it's hard! Parenting is not something you should do unless you are 100% committed.

  34. Kittenmeow says

    I just shamelessly contributed to the "dislike" button

  35. Talyta Barcelos says
  36. Oscar Navarro says

    Wish I could grow a beard like that one guy with the black sweater

  37. Sarah Okeke says

    Why do they say "one of these" like they're not human because they're calling themselves a thing because they were a child as well

  38. Beth B says

    Sweet baby at the end, those big brown eyes omg

  39. sky nora says

    If you don't want to have kids then don't , stop posting stupid "I hate kids" comments on here. And kids don't waste money unless your the one buying something for them. And kids do increase population but at the same time tons of people are also dying. But I think some people should just wait until their life is stable and you so called"lived" it. It would be so sad to see a mother loose a baby BTW so don't say those things like kill all the babies! Cause I would then have the right to label you as a monster.

  40. Psybur says

    Kids are awesome, parenthood sucks.

  41. Sophia Harrison says

    Let's be real. With more than 7 million people on the planet, including millions of children waiting to be adopted, and no laws requiring that only genetically or intellectually gifted people can reproduce, the ONLY reason anyone has kids today is to feed their own selfish needs. People with kids need to stop pretending otherwise. 

  42. Sarah Firth says

    worst buzzfeed video ever

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