Quick and Easy Tricks to Make You an Expert in the Kitchen! Life Hacks by Blossom

Quick and Easy Tricks to Make You an Expert in the Kitchen! Life Hacks by Blossom
Check out these quick and easy tricks to make you an expert in the kitchen! For more life hacks, cooking DIYs, and comedy videos subscribe to Blossom: …

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  1. Tech Myo says

    More more good then 5min craft. ❤️❤️🤘🤘

  2. Julie Leong says

    I eat rice everyday and know the rice hack

  3. Tariq Barlas says


  4. Shruthi Ballal says

    Rice cooking hack is the one which we south Indians use from ages..

  5. Evie Oaks says

    NO pomegranates! 1:36

  6. Isabeau Holbach says

    Mangos have seeds?!

  7. Eshal Niazi says

    From TikTok!!!

  8. Anuzz Gyawalee says

    1:27 we nepali has this techique to cook the rice traditionally😉😊

  9. fugubob says

    Is this the most fake channel in all of Youtube or just in the top 10?

  10. CocoMami says

    🤔 Oil is still on the counter

  11. Shadow X says


  12. 《Gacha Hershy Kiss》 says

    4:38 everybody gangsta 'till the drawer slips out and falls

  13. Maria Duarte Ferraz says

    they have to spoil food for these videos!😮😟

  14. Kashaf Qamar says

    4:31 this Is The condition of Play store in my Mobile When I want to download Any App 🙄

  15. Sperling Anastasia says

    2:19 Freeze Up to 1 year!
    Me: Wait what-

    Has anyone Else noticed It?

  16. YouTube Girl says

    Who loves Blossom???


  17. Lasten Tapletti says

    8:56 who peels TOMATO??????

  18. snow flakes says

    That oil one…?????

  19. Nicole Metaxas says

    Чеснок едят с шелухой.

  20. Chloé Matias says

    My mom:Chloé,clean the fuking goddamn counter !!x(
    Me:Yes mom,but Blossom say…
    Me: ¨3

  21. Why has god forsaken us says

    “Easy sharing!”

    i said share.

  22. Maheriya Hardik says

    Hamko chodu mat banao.

  23. Fokana nadia Gara says

    الحياة بهذه البساطة شكرا BLOSOM

  24. DIYs & CRAFTs says

    Awesome video 😍😍👍

  25. Hanane Derradji says

    Vraiment pas con

  26. E She Greg, The Queen Fan says

    3:00 imagine being at a nice dinner and someone wants a coconut so they grab a hammer and a screwdriver to open it

  27. rajaa fahmi says

    Very good

  28. Gina van der Linde says

    4:05 or you could use a knife sharpener

  29. Gina van der Linde says

    All I see is 'easy this' and ' easy that'

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  31. Kayla Furbank! says

    You guys didn’t finish the hack of 5:54 and that would’ve been really useful for me!

  32. VioletUnicorn 918 says


  33. Gata Risonha says

    Gente,para que congelar ovo?

  34. Iman Fatima 146 says


  35. Bleach Nyaa says

    5:54 What…?

  36. Sunita Mithra says

    7 : 18 you have forgot to keep celery

  37. Scarlet MacTire says

    you missed the part with the oil to clean it

  38. Alan Valschi says

    How to be Filipino

  39. Phuong Phan says

    5:52 to 5:56 what's the tip?

  40. veerababu godithi says

    Make how to reduce plastic in our daily life

  41. Goomw Love says

    56 to comment

  42. Dunja Knezevic says

    4:41 she can just clean the kitchen 🤯🤯🤯

  43. Pallavi Pahurkar says

    In 1:12 the seed of capsicum in one of part is not removed properly

  44. Rainbow Learning Songs says

    Love yummyyy recipe

  45. Cooking Mentor says


  46. Rainbow Learning Songs says

    Please visit my recipes

  47. ramesh sidar says


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