Rainbow Grilled Chicken Salad

Rainbow Grilled Chicken Salad
Here is what you’ll need! Rainbow Grilled Chicken Salad Servings: 4-5 INGREDIENTS 2 chicken breasts 1 teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon black pepper ½ teaspoon …

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  1. Sayuri says

    Where is the b l u e

  2. Keisha Dewsbury says

    oh yes

  3. tanisha paramba says

    how on earth is this grilled??

  4. Anie Felician says

    the guy at the end saying "oooh yes" is so funny. lol

  5. Joselyn Reyes says

    best video ever!!!!

  6. 403 Forbidden says

    this is random but does anyone know the name of the music??

  7. Bambang Priantono says

    Who said 'Oho yes' there?

  8. Siri Hebbale says

    0:49 yass!!

  9. Kim Lip's No. 1 Hype Man says

    They finally spice their chicken lmao

  10. Len Kagamine says

    i don't get it

  11. gigi says

    I am only here for the song. It's beautiful; so melodic.

  12. Amy Guillemette says

    do we really need a recipe for making a salad?!?!? 🤔

  13. BoredThatsWhy says

    Made this but without chicken breast! V4L

  14. landfillqueen says

    me: Im so gonna make this!!
    also me: eh, ill do it later
    never does it at all

  15. Leroy S. Jenkins says

    This looks fukin gay as hell

  16. Yuval Z says

    I've never ate corn in salad but it's sounds good ngl hahaha #shamelesscornlover idek

  17. Ali Chaudrey says


  18. Madzida Husein says


  19. face punch says

    there is too much green in the salad

  20. TwoBlade5 says


  21. MatGriff says

    ew no thanks

  22. 이국 처돌이 says

    whats with the random Fritos at the end? Da fuck?

  23. sK Syzygy says


  24. Anyone eating chicken while watching this?

  25. Eboni Hanson says

    Can I get at least 5 likes today is my birthday 😁

  26. Happy Hour says

    chicken wasn't cooked enough

  27. Hibah Ihsan says

    Can u pls make some Indian food please tasty 😋

  28. kingwewe wewe says

    get any game for free https://ebonus.gg/ref/UGpd9w3j

  29. RYusela says

    make some bts pls how u guys make this beautiful vids?!?

  30. FaerieSensai says

    I'm pretty sure the chicken was fried not grilled….

  31. Mes Voyages à la Cuisine says

    Nice, good and so healthy!

  32. The AnnoymousUser says

    I thought you guys said not to add lettuce in a salad cause it will make it taste like a glass of water. Remember the video u guys made in buzzfeedvideo???

  33. Aesthetic Sprinklesxx says

    Hey random person scrolling down the comment section! Have a good day 😄😀🙃☺️😉😊😌

  34. Agent Sasha says

    Damn that was pretty ass presentation at 00:49

    Me at 49secs: Damn that's pretty AF
    50 secs: 😱😲 WTF! why yall do that!?

  35. DD says

    This actually looks good

  36. cream cheese says

    Wow im surprised theres no cream cheese in this, and no avoca-
    Well fuck me gently with a chainsaw

  37. Maya Bryant says

    Was that enough seasoning for yall?

  38. Kevin Tran says

    Did they just use Fritos?

  39. layla days says


  40. ETTA G says

    love the videos but I wanna see,more cocktail videos PLEASE😁

  41. Nosrep Suomynona says

    that's not grilled right?

  42. silver fang115 says

    I could go for chicken right now

  43. Paolo Emmanuel Paz says

    My pet bellsprout does not approve

  44. Wise El Fino says

    southwest salad

  45. Gavin Lovejoy says

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