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  1. Gacha Girl says

    Me: Seeing the title

    Also me: See the video

    Me again: Pls change the title to “Wired animations” pls!!

  2. Answer Saúl says

    Azzy you look like sssniferwolf

  3. Ande Corpe says

    Azzy u posted this on my b day!

  4. TheOnePistol says

    What's the green chicken in the thumbnail?

  5. Alicia Lopez says


  6. Keira James says

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I have a heart
    But I’ve gave it to you

    However many likes I get…

    Is how much we all love Azzy


    Love ya!!! Xx ❤️

    Btw you don’t have to like but I would love it if you did!!!

  7. Elena Nikolova says

    AZZY I Need you to watch this video pls it's called catbull

  8. ghost gacha says

    Only female mosquitoes bite

  9. mimi plays roblox says

    How did you do youre bun can you do a tutorial

  10. James Smith says

    Stop doing these I hate these

  11. Gacha Wolf says


  12. Dominick Monaco says

    We all love you

  13. Dominick Monaco says

    Azzy,im your biggest fan

  14. Ocean wave says

    Azzy is a vsco girl 😌😌💖💖💖

  15. Julia Keller says

    Hi Azzy can you plz react to hope for paws it is called a brave little dog gets rescued from a river

  16. * Star Phoenix * says

    Soup with choco loops in cinnamon rolls QwQ ♡♡☆☆♡♡

  17. Shruty Chandra says

    I swear the thumbnail just changed

  18. Filip Järnström says

    you talk swedish?

  19. Emma Dawson says

    thats a female mascito, only fems bite.

  20. Georgia Jones says

    That is so funny HA HA HA HA!!🤣🤣🤣😃😃😃

  21. Amanda Moore says

    Hey azzy do try to not say demolishes

  22. [ daisy so cool ] says

    Heya azzy, you should watch l min fly!

  23. Isabella the queen says

    6:09 mom is a bieber fan she has a poster

  24. foundiislegit 22 says

    Azzy: chances of getting hit by thunder is rare
    Me: man got hit thunder more that 7 times

  25. nz CRIPPEN KING 274 says


  26. Bradley Hutchinson says

    love your'e videos AzzyLand

  27. Evansuhhyh Own such arch says

    Jane is take he hosts he end dB's blend NDBs hey egg side judge he Mahabharata nth sh he r sh he he hand DVD bend hey sh he hey egg sh he he hey he jury shebang sh NeSSI I such egg disgust I such fans chef sh

  28. Willow Weight says

    I mean I’m elerigic

  29. Willow Weight says

    I’m ele

  30. Jenna SWANEVELDER says

    do a hairstyle vid pls
    love u ❤

  31. Phoebe Sabel says

    Why did she change her hair style and clothes??

  32. Fire .Phoenix says

    karma is not real

  33. Jared Da Silva says

    Wtf has your channel become. You literally explaining what we seeing in the video? Hows it content

  34. Marie Avetisian says

    Azzy changed her hairstyle ❤

  35. Rushini Dilesha says

    Love u azzy

  36. Shotex Dighmela says

    Remember when kweb introduced her to us. I liked her and watched every videos of her because it was more entertaining.i mean She did everything in her own way. But than she started reacting. it's easy to only react on other content creators and get views. We understand but i would love to see you doing other stuff. <3

  37. Remie Cat says

    Hey azzy! I’ve been a fan of yours for like 2 years now!
    Your so inspiring and beautiful! All the girls at school does your signature…
    Delicious 👌
    Your so pretty!!!!
    Thank you for everything!
    Can you do another Q&A please!!!!
    My question is …..
    What inspired you to start you tube and what advice would you give fans going through a hard time now.
    Love you azzy never stop being you!

  38. Carlos Campechano says

    I am sad😢 ok I like👍🏻 guess the emoji ok 1 2 3 go 🗾 ⛩ comment below your answer ok I will tell you

  39. The 2 video,i saw that when I was a kid..

  40. Santino Estrella says

    Azzy did you know when mantis’s done mating the female eats her husband

  41. Rey Dizon says

    Shout out pls

  42. Rey Dizon says

    Hello azzy

  43. Oscar Pineda says

    When are you going to make baby videos

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