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  1. Camille Armes says

    Like everyone calls us that

  2. Camille Armes says

    Me and two of my best friends are called the three amigos

  3. Dontaytodic_sotoxic Walker says

    I love you so much azzyland can u come to my house plsss I tell u my address I really what to see you I tell u on Instagram

  4. Fathima Fidha Moyikkal says

    i just watched this animation 1 hour before this being aplouded. OMG

  5. FalseRed13 says

    I didn’t laugh

  6. Abdullah Alnaqbi says

    Azures you are beatfull

  7. Sylvie Bajrami says

    Azzy in the photo it ses save my idol

  8. Melina Jones says

    Will everyone stop commenting "I'm so sick of people saying" who's been a fan of azzy before 2020" because they're both annoying. It's like they're become the people saying "wHos beEn a FaN oF AzZy BefoRe 2028"

  9. svenia tessling says

    Gloom gets maried


    I have a superpower cuz I can sleep 18 hours a day!!!! Ayyyy

  11. Fatma Ulutas says

    1:16 🤣

  12. Nexus Of Boredom says

    is it me or did that girl in the lab with the frogs kind of look like a younger Azzy oo !! 😀

  13. TheKHfan358over3d says

    'Who's been a fan of [insert channel here] b4 2020"
    why do I see complaints about it? I haven't seen many of them

  14. Mari Manzini says

    I rather without the green screen

  15. C A T S & A N I M E says

    Everyone: wHo dA fAq iS a fAn BeFOrE 2020?
    Me: you know , a couple million people…

  16. Gabrielle Himmans says

    Are you happy that kassie got engaged😊😊😊😊😊

  17. Shea Tullos says

    Omg azzy if you haven't seen glooms latest video you need to go see it immediately 🤯

  18. Fire .Phoenix says

    hey Azzy, i am So happy for Gloom getting engaged 🙂

  19. Crazy potato says

    It says "save my idol"

  20. S k yÿ B e r r i e s says

    I would love to see azzy react to Gacha life

  21. Chad Katze says

    What Tarry and Kasie are getting married

  22. Sergio Gomez says

    Hi azzy I’m getting new roller skate’s and I don’t know what color

  23. Maple Rose says

    The last one was terrifying

  24. Baaua Bhai says

    Who is watching this video in 2023?

  25. Kalyan Bar Singh Thapa says

    Even Kewewlkop saw tis video

  26. Madeline Gross says

    Azures where are you that doesn’t look like where you usually film!

  27. Ally Smith says

    Hey Azzy can you do a give away of Apple Airpods.

  28. Jaxson Walsh says

    It ls202 azzy

  29. Nada El Shakmak says

    Love you Azzy!

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