Reacting to the BEST love ANIMATIONS

Reacting to the BEST love ANIMATIONS
Reacting to the BEST love ANIMATIONS SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to another …

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  1. Varsha Ramaiya says

    I love you

  2. Nathen Garr says

    Stop asking who has been a fan sense before 2019 who cares we love her ur not better cause u have been a fan longer there not better for being a fan less than u have we're all the same

  3. kristina gopez says

    Azzy im your biggest fan!! Btw can we do more #askazzy ??

  4. Clarizze Barro says

    a easy life hack (if u had a laptop)
    if ur laptop is hot u can iron stuff

  5. Foxgaming angel says

    Yo my gf broke up with me know I'm depressed damm it

  6. GraisonPlayz Gaming says

    AZZY!!!!!!! This is very important if you want your YouTube to survive. In 2020 there is something going on. If you say certain words you can be fined 42,000 bucks if you say them also you could loose YouTube channel if you mislabel you YouTube video as kid friend or non kid friendly. If anyone else sees this comment please recreate something similar or exactly like it to spread the word to other YouTubers so this doesn’t happen to anybody. THIS IS NOT A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK IT UP

  7. john outlaw says

    if you wanna try to do the try not to cry challnge then if you love animals watch the film life and death its sad i cryed

  8. Amy Morgan says

    I love you and your videos so so so much ♥️ ❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜 💟 💝 💖 💞 💕 💗 💓 💘 #azzyland
    👇 Make this blue if you love azzy too ♥️

  9. Kim Nguyen says

    Like if you’re single
    / I’m first…

  10. Paul Gammage says

    Dear azzy

    i think people hete your vids but that doesnt mean you need to listen to them.
    you are soooooo good at youtube never give up

    1 like one day more of azzyland

  11. Nate Chatterton says

    Some great love animations

  12. Juliet Bridges says

    If you want to react to some sad animations a goodone is called Reverso.. dont know if you have reacted to it in the pass but its quite emotional

  13. 『ƬƘ』 ƬƦΘレ乇メ says

    You should do the Pixar love film “ in a heartbeat “ waiTT ON THE 2ND ONE they pushed off the cup even tho the coffee was all out it was still seaming?

  14. Kyle Kvilvang says

    Hey Azzy, I like you as a crush… =) 🙂

  15. Soft Bitch says

    HAHA👩🏼 👩🏼

  16. Hector Bautista says

    you look like snaperwolf😝

  17. Dilshad Ahamed says

    I💖u AZZY

  18. Gabriel Lopez says

    Venom : i like her

  19. Latrice Williams says

    I have post notafacation on all but for some reason it nevers tells me when you update a video

  20. all arond the world says

    its black friday soon and did you poeple have been trampled to death

  21. Addisonnn O.O says

    Saw someone comment this and they got a million likes, sooo..

    Turtle 🐢

  22. Rita The wolf says


  23. Simran Kash says

    Stop making videos you and kweblopop suck

  24. Jennifer Sosa says

    I almost went to the tv because I was getting bored

  25. regina alonzo says

    Im the 9.4k like IM SO LUCKY!!! Yayyyyyyyy yaya it was 9.3k likes but i liked AND IT WAS 9.4k YAAYAYAYA

  26. Aimee Sillivent says

    I wish her voice wasn’t so echo-y this vid

  27. Gary Alonzo says

    Anzley can you beat Patrick it a Game

  28. megan rose says

    I saw something once where it was like life and death were in love with each other and life would always be giving death presents (like when things are living and then they die they go to death) and there was a. drawing of life standing on one side and death standing on the other side and life was letting a little turtle walk over to death as its "present" it was cute lol

  29. #Unicorns says

    I actually made Life and Death in Gacha Life! I wish I could paste the pic, tho! T•T

  30. Marvin Boggs says

    Azzy is the best

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