Reacting to the FUNNIEST Animations !

Reacting to the FUNNIEST Animations !
Reacting to the FUNNIEST Animations ! SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to another …

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  1. Sreya's sparkling world says

    Azzy is the nicest person and her subscribers you all are the happiness and positivity of her she is so lucky for that if you are a subscriber of azzy before 2019 please like😜😍

  2. Gerrie Wesselsg says

    I i i i

  3. Jojieh70 Jala says

    6:32.. After that i huged my fridge

  4. Angelo_ playz says

    95% Azzy's reaction
    5% Animation sound
    No hate😅

  5. Dexter Dumas says

    that first vid was not funny

  6. Milonde Essy says

    Cute animations y’all show me some love y’all I’m a new YouTuber please

  7. Keila Casasola Beaubrun says


  8. JaeJae Banks says

    Azzy a hole new world
    Me under the sea

  9. Ligaya San Pedro says

    It was a squid

  10. Layna Naraya says

    Azzy you sut make a video watching larva cartoon I wach the cartoon that is so funny hahaha

  11. Debbie Pakkala says

    Azzy:Its not like he can just grow legs and walk out.
    grows legs and leaves
    Me:you were saying?

  12. Mabiza Higginbotham says

    Azzy :it's not like the fridge can grow legs and walk away

    3 seconds later the fridge grew legs and walks away. 🤣

  13. DESIRAE RENO says

    I love this its so cute I love it I'm trying not to cry tears of joy.

  14. Cherokee Benoit says

    I had to pause at 6:06 because my boyfriends name is TJ

  15. Emma Crisan says

    Wow who else loves puppies and azzy

  16. Emma Crisan says

    Wow who else loves puppies and azzy

  17. Jaylee Owen says

    For cloud puppy

  18. Jaylee Owen says

    The people that disliked want cloud kitties but I pressed 👍

  19. Robert Propes says

    Azzy I am cringing

    Me I’m itching

  20. The Assassin says

    I have seen jordi do this already

  21. Princess Alinas says

    Oof…we got savage fridge here😎😅

  22. Mariam Jeshi says

    These videos made me cry more than laugh😭😭😭

  23. Caramelo Flores says


  24. Mittens Animates says

    Pewdiepie is an infestation now…

  25. Mer Matienzo says

    What the coconut

  26. Christina Coddington says

    who else's Video paused on 2:02

  27. Dakota Nolan says

    Not microwave

  28. Dakota Nolan says

    Tiny freezer

  29. lazer magee says

    What if he just kept the octopus so that he would get married to the girl and keep the octopus! So that it would be a win-win!

  30. mark karam says

    8:32 the nose of Azzy killed me😹

  31. ZiZi Tv says

    Octopus is so scary and cute at the same time.

  32. Tay Tay says

    I love your videos Azzy🥺❤

  33. ArinatoriPost says

    why did the last one make me cry

  34. shizune nikare says

    When fridges were like that in real life

  35. Durand Mays says

    Azzy make more tik tok’s Love Durand

  36. Gigi_C10 says

    I want a clowd puppy

  37. Clan Ronen says

    4:57 never mind lol

  38. Paolin Mon says

    I already know that fridge story hehe like if you also watched it before

  39. Ella Summers says

    Please add subtitles for me and my fellow deaf people I'm really bad at lip reading

  40. Michael Holmes says

    I’m Emily’s Friend Lexi

  41. Linda Cottrell says

    Water pressure the first one

  42. Natalie Nguyen says

    That may not be a normal shark ,it is the largest shark in history the megladon

  43. ivie gaming says

    Haha u thought chilly doesn't have legs well ur wrong

  44. Jordyn Miranda says

    1:22 me when I'm trying to say something but everyone keeps talking over me so awkward lol love the video though 😂

  45. Zebra zo says

    technically only female misquitos drink blood they need it so they can lay eggs

  46. Amanda Cox says

    i now love octopus.If i go in the water i want an to see a octopus like that.

  47. Aaidyn puig says

    How is the first one funny

  48. Megin Sherry says

    Azy:it’s not like a fridge can just grow legs and walk out of here
    The fridge:grows legs and walks out

  49. Eva Copping says


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