Reacting to the SADDEST CHRISTMAS animations – TRY NOT TO CRY CHALLENGE SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of …

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  1. Jade_power 2035 says

    #hugs that will make you feel better ❤️

  2. Robert Wyrebek says

    The 3rd one made me cry

  3. Hawa Ensah says

    You are sexce

  4. Sahar Akbari says

    I hope you come in my country

  5. Silke Bülow says

    I live in Denmark 🇩🇰

  6. Elisa Gedik says

    Yes azzy

  7. Jan Jørgensen says

    I was actually sitting with my cat the whole video, it massaged me whit it's claws, it hurt but I let it because it just wanna show how much it loves me! So I don't care if it hurt. As long the kitty is happy, I'm happy!

  8. Shyamal Das says

    plz do girl

  9. Gacha Potato says

    Azzy you are so nice and i watched your videos when i was sad im watching this now because my dog has died

  10. Nadia Benoit says

    Has i was which this it was night and i was feeling really sad eler you understand i cant spell anewhay i asked my mom to sleep with me im 11

  11. TheFoodieClub says


  12. Maria gachaxx says


  13. Salvador Rangel says

    Heyy I didn't get a present. 😑 jk presents are nothing Christmas is all about spending time with family😇

  14. Ayari Ramos says

    This made me cry when we saw the gift for grandpa

  15. Milkshake_Tea-o- says

    I was insulting the crap out of my 5 year old sister
    And then she started crying about to go to our mom, i tried to grab her arm and stop her from telling on me but she kicked me in the throat, she i started holding my neck because it hurt and she just stared at me, she was about to run away again but i grabbed her arm and hugged her telling her i was joking, about 3 minutes later of hugging her she was still crying and i asked her why. She said "My heart hurts.." I asked her why and she replied with "Because i hurt you" And she started tearing up. I felt so bad T•T

  16. Bery Shaxawan says

    Why girls cry but boys laugh?????????????

  17. Maxine Foley-Tamahori says

    I love you so much

    You really are the best

  18. Ashley M says

    The third one I thought ‘puppies are forever not just for Christmas’

  19. Sheema Santhosh says

    This christmas was the worst christmas ever cause my baby bunny passed away on CHRISTMAS Because she had a rare disease And couldnt make it to the vet in time and passed away on the way to the vet in the car 😭😭😢😢 XOXO AND R.I.P MY BELOVED MIA ❤❤🐇🐰💗💝💘💕💖😭😭😢🐰🐇🐰🐇

  20. Lulskuttl Gaming says

    can u please come to LaGrange ill i really think we would love to have you here

  21. I hate my life says

    Omg when I saw the wheel on the dog I cried
    And the mom one I started crying so much
    And the iPad one my grandpa lost his mom and that was the first time I saw him cry
    I can go on forever 😭😭😭♥️

  22. Gabrielle Fulmore says

    Who else lives in Manitoba

  23. Andres Campos Reyes says

    Si sad I could not watch the whole thing

  24. Kenji Pitteljon says


  25. Kenji Pitteljon says

    What if i am a bee but I dont find love like right now


    I love your videos please keep making videos ❤️


    I love your videos please keep making videos ❤️

  28. Gabrielle Fulmore says

    Azzy can you go to Manitoba please

  29. master mind galaxy gal says

    If bee azzscribed get subscribed ohh I suck at making puns anyways I've I've subbed for one two years I'll you're channel i watched it science I got my first device

  30. master mind galaxy gal says

    I had to yell at myself evrey video to stop crying 😭

  31. Renee OBrien says

    Azzy: cries so hard she dies

    Me: it wasn't even that sad –___

  32. Antoine Washington says

    Merry late Christmas!😊

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